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Super Platformer Gun a Mario like puzzle game

super platformer gun a mario like puzzle game linux mac windows pc

Super Platformer Gun is a Mario like puzzle platformer announced for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Expresso Studios. Creating a unique puzzle game via Steam.

You find yourself in a different world. But you also lose your memory. while you explore and solve the problems that you will find along the way. Likewise, you use the platformer gun. Create your own solutions and find answers>

In the game, there are over 100 levels with different challenges. Similarly, there are enemies with unique mechanics in Super Platformer Gun. So you will have to surpass using only the platformer gun. Which can shoot 2 types of platforms. Both a solid stationary cube and a volatile moving cloud. The gameplay also has a Mario like vibe to it.

Our protagonist Korokoro is stranded in a surreal cyber aesthetic space. But in order to escape she will need to solve each room’s puzzle. Since Super Platformer Gun puzzles are not always what they seem to be. Collect keys to discover new areas and some new worlds. Also make sure to search each carefully to find secrets. Then reveal more about the world and yourself in Super Platfomer Gun.

Super Platformer Gun – Announcement Trailer

Super Platfomer Gun gameplay requires platforming dexterity and puzzle solving techniques to solve each room with sometimes encountering different and surreal rooms showing some of the behind the scenes of the world and Korokoro’s own mind.


    • More than 120 challenging levels in Super Platformer Gun
    • 6 Bosses and 6 worlds to escape and explore!
    • Non violent game, with a gun that only shoots platforms to help your journey!
    • Different Routes!
  • Different Endings!
  • Collectables and Secrets!

Super Platformer Gun puzzle game is due to release on Steam September 16th, 2019. Available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Priced at $9.99 USD. No word yet on a launch week discount. But you can check out the Windows PC demo on Itch via Wine.

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