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Super Retro Squad and a documentary UPDATE

A making-of film could accompany your

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I have some very exciting news! If we can get over $50,000 pledged, there will be a documentary made about the development of the game. It will be made by Nicholas Kleczewski, who has already made 7 feature length documentaries and won several awards, including the Audience and Grand Jury Awards for Best Documentary in Slamdance at the Sundance FIlm Festival. Please help to ensure our pledges exceed $50,000 so that this can happen! And if possible, let’s try and get more than that so that the quality can be better.

Nick has insisted that the documentary will be an honest portrayal of what happens during development. If everything goes to hell, you’ll see it happen. You will see both our failures and successes. And I can already tell you that there will be many failures along the way because making a game is no easy task.

The documentary will be released in episodes at least once a month. People that pledge $30 will also receive extra clips along with the monthly episodes. These clips could be anything from expanded moments from the episodes or just goofy little things that happen along the way.

In order to motivate more pledges, I’ve decreased the $25 pledge to $15 and included the documentary, so you get the game, the video series, and private forum access. That’s a great deal! I also decreased the $35 pledge to $30 and included an HD download of the documentary with extras. Of course, you’ll only get the documentary in those rewards if we get over $50,000.

We also may be interested in releasing a DVD and Blu-ray of the documentary if there is enough interest. Currently the documentary is only planned as monthly episodes, but Nick has expressed interest in turning it into a feature length documentary. We’ll have to see how it all turns out.

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