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Super Slime Arena fighting game coming to Linux

super slime arena fighting game coming to linux ubuntu mac windows pc

Super Slime Arena is a minimalist, local multiplayer fighting game. Since the games set to debut on Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows we are keen. Each character has a single, unique attack. So one hit point leads to fast-paced action and adaptive strategy. Where players choose from 19 (and growing) different slimes to play. With multiplayer matches and as many players as you have controllers for. Ranging from keyboard controls to USB NES to Steam Controller. The games in development to be highly accessible. So everyone can play without meters to fill up or combos to memorize.

What was just a class project started in 2013. Super Slime Arena evolved into a simple and accessible arena fighter. A three man development crew, JellyTeam all controllers work with the game. So between six to eight players in a match. Although you can play with twelve for full out mayhem.

Super Slime Arena Official Trailer:

In Super Slime Arena players take on the roll of a random slime. While armed with a certain one-hit-K.O. attack. So when you die, you respawn as a different slime with a different attack. Which players do until they run out of lives. The end game? Be the last slime standing.
So this is a two-button masher, a jump button and an attack button. Therefore most any controller will work, as long as it’s supported via Steam.

Since there are five playable modes in Super Slime Arena. An elimination mode, a pick-three mode where each player picks three slimes they can switch between. As well as a gun-game style mode where with every kill, then move on to the next slime. So die and get demoted. There is also a mode where everyone plays as the same slime. There is also an online multiplayer coming to Super Slime Arena. With consideration of a puzzle platforming campaign as well.

Therefore players choose between 32 different slimes, ranging in size and abilities. With a goal of having the most characters in a fighting game, the record being over 200. All with different maps, styles and platforms. And individual music for each map.

Super Slime Arena is Greenlit via Steam for Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows. JellyTeam do not have release date yet, so stay tuned for more details.

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