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Super Tony Land platformer announcement

super tony land platformer announcement for linux mac windows gaming on steam

Super Tony Land physics platformer announcement for Steam gaming on Linux, Mac and Windows. Developer Robot Loves Kitty also announces the cancellation of Upsilon Circuit. Hence their Perma-Permadeath Video Game Show that got the attention of millions.

Robot Loves Kitty outline funding as the primary issue. While sharing more details in a recent blog post here. Also explaining the big issues throughout the project. Including the scope, pushing beyond their capabilities and overwhelming stress.

Also a self taught indie duo, running a team or working with partners was a new experience. So the project became a constant source of stress. Due to losing their partner in the middle of a failing crowdfunding campaign. Having no option but to send their team home.

Alix Stolzer, co-founder of Robot Loves Kitty comments on the situation, “We just wanted to make this game we were both so passionate about. And we were sacrificing so much to do it. So when things fell apart it left both of us feeling overwhelmingly sad, angry, ashamed and depressed.”

Super Tony Land – Alpha Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

So it’s been a year. After many conversations the duo have no solutions for bringing back Upsilon Circuit.
Instead, they have been working on a game called Super Tony Land. While will also be the first of multiple games that will be part the Upsilon Circuit legacy.

Super Tony Land is an announcement for the physics platforming adventure game. Which also has many worlds, a story and user created levels, plus the entire game world. So imagine if Cave Story, Mario Maker, and Besiege had a dynamically lit baby.

Therefore in Super Tony Land we will have an extensive level editor. Also visual programming blocks, connectable levels, and NPC/Story tools. The level editor will be available for free. So anyone can create challenges or worlds and share them. Either with their favorite streamers or friends that have the full game

Steam gaming release:

Super Tony Land will be $14.99 USD and will be available on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows in spring 2018.

Follow development on Twitter or Discord, and livestreams on Twitch.

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