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Super Win the Game brings back the days of retro gaming


Modern, retro-tinted #platformers have got the whole “classic graphical style” thing down at this point, but emulating the warm glow of CRT TVs is a rarer feat. Minor Key Games has coated Super Win the Game in the softer presentation, pairing with open-ended, exploration-focused platforming to appear as a comprehensive throwback on Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

In case you’re only willing to endure a particular amount of old-timey blur and pixelation, Super Win the Game lets players tweak the CRT-themed effects to better suit their preference. If you go for Minor Key’s adventure before October 8, you can scrounge for gems and keys for $11.69 (regularly $12.99) or snatch a copy bundled with the game’s soundtrack for $13.49 (normally $14.99). Super Win the Game is a sequel to Minor Key’s You Have to Win the Game, a free download on PC, Mac and Linux that also emulates the screens that have hosted the countless deaths of plumbers, bandicoots and hedgehogs for decades.

Reblogged from: joystiq