Super X Chess releases tomorrow on Steam

super x chess releases tomorrow on steam for linux mac windows

Super X Chess releases tomorrow for Linux, Mac and Windows on Steam. The game also turns a long standing classic game into something different.

Finland based independent games developer Mlyst announced the release on Steam. Coming with day-one support for Linux, Mac and Windows.

Super X Chess is a chess game where you can combine your own pieces. The combined piece can then move like both pieces. Doing so from where it was combined.

Super X Chess Launch Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Super X Chess is the first game from Mlyst. So developer Miika Pihkala is Mlyst and entrepreneurship game company. Miika has worked previously at Frozenbyte (Trine series) as a QA Tester and Game Designer.

The game releases tomorrow:

Super X Chess is available on launch for 2 langauges (English and Simplified Chinese). But will get a patch later on to include at least Russian. First week there’s launches a discount of 10% (normal price: $10.99/8.99€).

My short backstory: I got into games industry after asking on Humble Frozenbyte Bundle’s chat for work (early 2011). It turned out that Frozenbyte was looking for game testers. And it was a Finnish company, the country where I live. So I got a QA Tester position and promoted to a Game Designer a couple of years later. I left Frozenbyte by the end of 2015 to pursuit my dreams of making my own games.

So I Learned to make games with Unity late 2015/early 2016. Then getting the idea of this chess game late 2016. And started working on it more actively and sometimes less actively for 2 years.
Now I’m releasing it and I don’t know what people think of it. But it’s all very exiting and nervous at the same time for me. Since I don’t know if there’s anyone willing buy it or not. But it comes with true love for the game of chess and I’m very proud of it. A fun fact is that without Hearthstone (which was my favourite game for like 2014-2017). This game could have come out a one year earlier. Well Played, Ben Brode & Co.

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