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Superliminal free multiplayer mode gets an update

superliminal free multiplayer game mode gets an update for linux mac windows pc

Superliminal free multiplayer game mode gets an update for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the endless creativity and community commitment of developer Pillow Castle. The new update is now available on Steam.

Superliminal’s free anniversary multiplayer update is live. The content has been so well received that Pillow Castle Games have been working hard on adding tons of exciting updates. All due to further improve the temporary mode. In addition to these updates, the celebration continues with an extended sale. While offering a whopping 40% discount on Steam until December 1st. This multiplayer mode may only be available through the holiday season. So don’t wait too long to give it a try.

Superliminal: Group Therapy – Free Multiplayer Update (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

2021 Steam Awards

Superliminal was a finalist in the 2020 Steam Awards in the “Most Innovative Gameplay” category. The team is hoping to score a win this year in the “Labor of Love” category. Since Pillow Castle’s small team has made a true effort to improve and add to their game. Which is certainly a labor of love since the initial launch in 2019. Vote for Superliminal here.

By order of appearance, here are the many updates added since the November 5th release:

  • Bottomless pit technology
  • Removed cubes from possible randomizations in Whitespace Stairs room
  • Cosmetic: Mustache 2 wiggles
  • Room randomizing see’s an improvement. Less likely to see the same rooms in Superliminal!
  • Ledge room is more challenging. On purpose.
  • Improved art and lighting in following puzzle rooms. Buttons and Cubes, Ledge, Climb, Duck Chaos, Grab Lots of Objects, and Lobby
  • Reliability fix for the Portal To First Place powerup
  • Better cosmetic panel and Win screens
  • Clearer visual care for objects that cannot be grabbed
  • Reset To Checkpoint button in Pause Screen. If you ever get stuck, you can also get un-stuck, too.
  • New objects in the Superliminal Lobby
  • Lobby will auto launch the game when it has enough players and is public
  • No more region limits – Play with your international friends at last! The game auto-chooses the best region for your current connection.
  • All-New Puzzle Room: Dome Projection
  • Continued improvements to region merging – player no longer needs to manually choose a region in order to find or join rooms

Superliminal is a first person puzzle game that uses perception as a mechanic. You play as someone who wakes up in an unusual lucid dream. So now, you complete puzzles to get to the next exit. Since certain patterns and truths become more obvious. In this game for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC, everything is exactly what it seems to be! Wait, no… that’s not right. Everything is the opposite of what you think it is? That’s not correct either. Superliminal is a game about breaking what you expect and thinking outside the box. What you see is what you get. Literally.

Superliminal Experimental “Battle Royale” Mode

This Superliminal seasonal update offers fun and frankly surreal spin. While offering more for the forced outlook puzzle game. Also, that which Superliminal players have come to know and love. This totally normal, not strange at all “battle royale” mode will pit up to 12 players against each other. Doing so through a series of randomly generated rooms full of surreal obstacles. All in a race to the end, under the watchful eye of the Standard Orientation Protocol. Just look for the exit signs… and watch out for the ducks.

Ready to grab some friends and join Dr. Glenn Pierce in his “SomnaSculpt Dream Therapy” program? Superliminal free multiplayer game mode will be available on Steam with a big 40% discount until December 1st. While dropping the price to only $11.99 USD. No discount on GOG, plus it will require Galaxy to play. Both stores offer support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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