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SuperTotalCarnage gore is coming to Linux

supertotalcarnage! gory and dark horror game coming to linux with windows pc

SuperTotalCarnage! gory and dark horror game coming to Linux with Windows PC. Which is the work of developer IndieGala. Which is currently available via Steam Early Access.

Indie game developer and publisher IndieGala has just released SuperTotalCarnage! Which is a fast time survival, top down auto shooter. Currently doing well on Steam. That also took part in the Steam Scream Fest. Now due to offer a native Linux build.

..built using gamemaker studio 2 and a linux port is definitely in the works, just wait few months!

The use of Gamemaker Studio 2 is kind of a surprise. But according to the developer emails, a Linux build is in the mix. Well, despite being a few months off. But due note, Proton support is available, should you want to jump in on a budget.

SuperTotalCarnage! is inspired by great classics like Vampire Survivors and Binding Of Isaac. While featuring thousands of enemies, destructible settings, and huge bosses. There are also plenty of gory effects, blood, guts, and more.

SuperTotalCarnage! Announcement Trailer

Move your hero across the screen. All while weapons and axes, daggers, arrows, and other flying weapons appear. As long as you kill monsters, you can loot gems and upgrade your weapons in SuperTotalCarnage!

There are dozens of playable characters, each with their own powers and abilities. Automatic weapons, such as guns, shurikens, chainsaws, shotguns, and Molotov cocktails.

SuperTotalCarnage! is being released in Early Access. Where it is due to remain for roughly one year, give or take. The full version will also have more power-ups, bosses weapons, and stages. Along with a more interesting story mode.


  • Fully destructible settings.
  • Plenty of Gory effects in SuperTotalCarnage! with blood and guts all over.
  • 3 Huge bosses to fight. Each one with unique attack patterns.
  • Dozens of characters to choose from. Each one with unique abilities and stats.
  • Over 25 enemy types.
  • Auto-firing weapons, you just have to move.
  • Deadly weapons like Chainsaw, Shotgun, Molotov, and also Hand Grenades. There are Automatic rifles, shurikens, and more to come!
  • Gain coins so you can unlock upgrades and secret weapons!

SuperTotalCarnage! gory and dark horror game on Steam Early Access. Priced at only $2.99 USD / £2.09 / 2,39€. Playable on Linux via Proton with the Windows PC build.