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Supraland 2 metroidvania is live on Kickstarter

supraland 2 metroidvania now live on kickstarter in linux mac windows pc games

Supraland 2 first person metroidvania games on Kickstarter for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to Supra Games. Since the team is looking to raise €20,000. And the crowdfunding campaign is moving right along.

Supraland 2 will includes lots of new gameplay ideas. While keeping the core design philosophy. Similar to that of Supraland 1. Since you explore the first person metroidvania on your own. Doing so at your own pace. While you upgrade your gear, find new secrets and abilities. And solve a lot of new and original puzzles.

Supraland 2 Kickstarter Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

(Playtime approx. 15-30 hours, Release Date approx. 2021, Platforms: Steam, GOG, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, Linux, Mac)


  • A new (indoor) world
    The rubber people (‘Reeple’) of the sandbox have joined forces to mount an expedition. Sending one plucky sandronaut where no-one has ever gone before. Inside the house.
    Venture forth into the kid’s bedroom. Find new tribes of Reeple and explore a huge new world. While you face new puzzles, characters and challenges!
  • Meaningful combat
    For Supraland 2, a new member is joining our development team. A combat designer! Supraland 2’s combat will be re-thought from the ground up. So that gameplay will be engaging and challenging. But most importantly, meaningful. The combat will also link tightly with the game’s story. Including the puzzles and exploration aspects.
  • More mind-blowing abilities
    One of the core design pillars for Supraland. Every ability must have many different uses. So when players unlock a tool they will constantly discover. Constantly experiment and be continuously engaged. Supra Games aim to double down on this design with Supraland 2. While giving players cooler and weirder tools. So you can explore the world and poke its inhabitants.

Supraland: Crash – A new DLC!

Supra Games are also offering something different. A bonus for supporting the Supraland 2 campaign.
So, if you pledge the campaign, receive “Supraland: The Crash”. The games first DLC coming this year for Supraland 1.

This an interesting incentive. Since it requires players to buy the base game. And also puts you on the spot. Or gives an incentive to play. Depending on how you look at it.
The good news, the games discounted 30% on Steam. But no worries, Supraland 1 holds a 90% Very Positive review rating. So it is good.
Plus you can also expect Platinum support via Proton. Which explains why the Kickstarter campaign is doing so well. With 31 days to hit that €20,000 goal. And a release coming in 2021.

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