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Surmount climbing adventure to top Linux

surmount mountain climbing adventure game is coming to linux but has a mac and windows pc demo

Surmount mountain climbing adventure game is coming to Linux, but has a Mac and Windows PC Demo. According to further details from developer Jasper Oprel and Indiana-Jonas. Due to make it’s way onto Steam this year.

Recently, during the Wholesome Games Direct event, developers Jasper Oprel and Indiana-Jonas announced Surmount. They’re releasing a demo for their game now on Steam. Ahead of the Steam Next Fest taking place June 19th to 26th. And it’s both hilarious and ingenious.

Native support is actually in the plans, says the email reply:

Linux support is definitely something I want to do later down the line, probably sometime after launch.
But I do want to release on Linux, mostly because I’m such a fan of using GNU Linux myself and have it running on a bunch of laptops and smaller server things.

While this is good news for the Unity 3D game. However, there’s a slight hitch. The anticipated native build for Surmount won’t be available right at launch. The talented folks behind the mountain climbing adventure are a small but passionate team, and they’re facing a bit of a resource crunch.
But fear not, they’re working to make a port happen in the future. So, there’s still plenty to look forward to, even with Proton support for the Demo.

Surmount will have you get to climb a gigantic mountain called Mount Om. Imagine the highest mountain in the whole wide world, and that’s the one you’ll be conquering. But wait, it gets even better. You can play by yourself or team up with a friend and play together in co-op mode.

Surmount is all about climbing, exploring, and having a great adventure. As you make your way up Mount Om, you’ll come across lots of interesting characters who have their own reasons for climbing the mountain. They’re pretty unique and kind of silly, which makes gameplay even better.

Surmount Trailer

Surmount is a platforming adventure, which means you’ll be jumping and climbing your way through different challenges. The climbing is also based on real-life physics, so it feels super realistic. You’ll have to use your skills and think carefully about each move you make to reach the top.

There are different types of levels you will face in this mountain climbing adventure. Some levels are made by the developers themselves, which means they put a lot of effort into designing them just for you. But there are also big areas that are generated randomly, which makes every play through unique. So, you’ll always have something new and unique to discover.

As you climb, you’ll find items that you can collect and use to upgrade your Surmount character. These items will make you stronger and give you special abilities. You can even customize how your climber looks, so you can be the most stylish climber out there.

Oh, and if you’re not an expert climber right from the start, no worries. Surmount mountain climbing adventure has a design that is enjoyable for everyone. It’s not too hard or punishing, so you can have fun while improving your skills.

So, gather your friends or get ready to climb solo, since Surmount is coming soon to Mac and Windows PC. Then after launch, a native build. But don’t forget to try out the demo on Steam first. It’s playable via Proton. So you can get a sample to reach new heights and be the first to conquer Mount Om.

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