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Surviving Mars a Glimpse Through the Glass

surviving mars glimpse through the glass linux mac windows games on steam 2017

Surviving Mars gets a glimpse for Linux, Mac and Windows coming to Steam. Paradox Interactive, a publisher of games for dome entertainment systems. Just published a new trailer and developer diary for Surviving Mars. So this is the upcoming management strategy from Haemimont Games. The release is due in Spring 2018 for Linux, Mac and Windows PC’s.

Surviving Mars will put players in charge of planning. As well as designing and maintaining a sustainable colony on another planet. While this newest video presents a closer look at the games domed colonies. This is a first glimpse of what life will be like on Mars. Since humans can finally begin to populate the drone-built habitats.

Surviving Mars – “Living on Mars” (Linux, Mac, Windows):

Paradox and Haemimont also release a new developer diary from the team behind Surviving Mars. So they cover details on the games design. As well as the challenges players will face in Spring 2018. Which is a MUST READ.

In Surviving Mars, players will lead a colonization effort on the surface of Mars. So this means the very first rovers and supply drops. As well as the construction of suitable habitats for brave settlers. Since every colonist will be vital to the mission as the colony struggles to gain a foothold. Where the environment is hostile and resources are scarce. With each success, however, players will gain the ability to expand further. Even establish a thriving society. Leading a new generation that has never known the Earth.

The games Steam debut

To take the first small step towards landing on Mars. Players can sign up now for upcoming news and community activities around Surviving Mars. Eager settlers can find details here. Also, the games due to arrive on Steam this Spring 2018. Which looks like a day-one release on Linux, Mac and Windows.

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