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Surviving Mars now has modding support

surviving mars now has modding support in linux windows games

Surviving Mars official modding support in Linux and Windows games. Thanks to Paradox Mods. Since this enables sharing of user created game content. Available across multiple platforms. Also available now as a free update.

Surviving Mars is survival strategy game. With Paradox Mods, creators can easily share their work. Also available to players on Linux and Windows PC (using Paradox Launcher).

While Surviving Mars is the first to use Paradox Mods. Support for other Paradox titles is also planned. Which is coming later this year. Check out what’s available on Paradox Mods here.

For Players of Surviving Mars:

Launching with over 30 choices tested and ready for players. For Surviving Mars, Paradox Mods includes projects. Also coming from known creators within the community. Such as Silva and ChoGGi. Players have more ways to enjoy the survival strategy sim. Whether it’s adding a self-sufficient Forest Greenhouse. Or building a Martian Car Wash.
Simply log into your Paradox Account. From the Surviving Mars title screen. Open the “Mod Manager” at the bottom of the screen. Then browse the catalogue. Select what you want to play. The game will automatically download. And also add them to your playing experience.

For Modders:

Paradox Mods is the first direct pipeline for Surviving Mars. Since they can also publish their work on consoles. Featuring in-game and web interfaces. That enable easy distribution. Paradox Mods allows creators to submit their work once. While having it available on every platform. So no extra steps required.

“Modding has been. And remains an important part of the Paradox community. As we have varied the way we distribute our games. So we make sure all our players can take part. Being part of the creation process,” said Anders Törlind, Product Owner for Paradox Mods. “For Surviving Mars, we have worked with creators. Support Paradox Mods with some of the best content available. All in one place and downloadable in-game. Or simply using a web browser. We really look forward to unlocking the world of content. For all members of our community. No matter what system they are using to play our games.”

Surviving Mars is available on Steam and Paradox. Also Humble Store and GOG. With support for Linux, Mac and Windows.

So to learn more, take a look at the upcoming news and community activities.

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