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Surviving Mars releases new developer diary

surviving mars releases new developer diary for linux mac windows games on steam

Surviving Mars [official website] is a sci-fi settlement builder. Also gameplay is about colonizing Mars and surviving the process. The release is coming for Linux, Mac and Windows via Steam and Paradox Plaza. Sadly there is no release date available yet. But we do have the latest developer diary.
The games unique design allows players to a space agency for resources. As well as financial support before determining a location for your colony. White giving players the ability to build domes and infrastructure. Also research new possibilities and utilize drones. While you unlock more elaborate ways to shape and expand your settlement.

Boian Spasov is a working designer at Haemimont Games for more than ten years. Also coming from the Tropico series, the team wants to create something really different. Both in terms of theme and gameplay. Spasov points out that Surviving Mars is indeed very unique. A players task is to create a beautiful and functional colony in Surviving Mars. Which of course is established on the surface of the red planet.

Surviving Mars – Feature: The Vision, Astronauts and Mars:

The games really a city builder, but not your average city builder. This is a true intimate experience with focus on creating interconnected systems. While testing them against the threats of the harsh environment. Facing real problems and dangers that a potential Mars colonization mission would. So expect to see environmental hazards, scarcity of materials and failing systems. While dealing with a lack of vital resources. More detail will be coming in another developer diary.

The previous Haemimont city-builders have a campaign focus. Now the team wants to focus on the sandbox potential. Surviving Mars will be one of those games that you to replay. Players will have to experiment, try crazy stuff and fool around. With your own goals in mind. Then come back to it for months and years.

The games science is designed to be realistic. Minus some purely fantastic elements. So the scientific aspect in Surviving Mars is going to be realistic. While the focus is a dream of the first human settlement on another planet. Again, we can expect to have further details in another developer diary.

So being that Paradox Interactive is working with Haemimont for Surviving Mars. The chances are we will have a day-one release in 2018. This will be on Steam and Paradox Plaza for Linux, as well as Mac and Windows. There is no release date available just yet. So stay tuned.

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