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Sushi for Robots insatiable craving out soon

sushi for robots a goofy strategy puzzle game coming to linux and windows pc

Sushi For Robots a goofy strategy puzzle game coming to Linux and Windows PC. All this thanks to the hard work and dedication of the talented developer, Ludipe & Friends. Due to make its way onto Steam next month.

Prepare for some chef duties with something unique heading our way. Ludipe & Friends, the indie studio and puzzle masters, are eager to announce their new creation, Sushi For Robots. It due to launch on Linux, August 3rd, as part of the Cerebral Puzzle Showcase 2023.

Follow quirky robots with an insatiable craving for sushi. Since they are wild about it, and you, are the head chef in their favorite spot. Your mission is to serve up the perfect dish for each picky robot customer. But here’s the twist, you have to figure out the perfect combo for each of these adorable, but demanding, metal friends.

Sushi for Robots was made possible with the help of the Fellowship Program from Astra Games. This is a one-year patron grant that supports the work of the most creative indie developers.

Also, Sushi For Robots has a brilliant system of stickers that you’ll use to change the conveyor belts’ behaviors. All due to transform one type of sushi into another. If you want a tuna roll to become a salmon nigiri, put a sticker on the conveyor belt and watch it transform.

Sushi For Robots – Release Date

There are no strict rules here. So you can experiment, be creative, and find your own unique solutions to each puzzle. If things don’t go as planned and the robots get a little “hangry,” you’re good. Just hit the reset button and give the strategy puzzle another shot.

Likewise, Sushi For Robots is easy to play. You don’t have to worry about complex controls or weird keyboard setups. It’s designed to be mouse-only, so you can lean back, relax, and have a blast in the virtual kitchen.

Now, not only is the gameplay fantastic, but there’s also a heartwarming story about friendship and fine dining. You’ll follow the robots through vignettes, adding an extra layer to this puzzle adventure.

Make sure to keep your eyes on the official Steam page for the latest updates and news about Sushi For Robots. This strategy puzzle game is going to blow your mind with its challenging yet fun culinary puzzles and robot characters.

So, get ready to serve up some seriously delicious food for these hungry robots. Sushi For Robots is about to take the gaming world by storm on August 3rd via Steam. Along with support for Linux and Windows PC.

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