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Svoboda 1945 full-motion video adventure incoming

svoboda 1945 liberation full-motion video adventure games coming to linux with mac and windows pc

Svoboda 1945 full-motion video adventure games coming to Linux with Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to confirmation details from developer Charles Games. Which is currently available on Steam along with 100% Positive reviews.

Charles Games, the team behind Attentat 1942, is an award winning video game about the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia. Announcing details of their new game Svoboda 1945 back in June 2016.

Like Attentat 1942, the new game Svoboda 1945 is a historically accurate title. All written by professional historians. The design of Svoboda 1945 will put you into the story of a small village. All taking place in the Czech German borderlands. With a troubled past, this leaves scars that run deep and affect even your family. You will revisit dark personal histories and struggle to find peace.

Svoboda 1945: Liberation Launch Trailer

This deep and engaging story also comes with further good news. We reached out to Charles Games regarding Linux support via email. Who confirmed that Linux support will arrive one month after game launch. This is also confirmed in a Steam Discussions. This is a huge pleasure to see, since most full-motion video adventures do not make it to Linux. Largely due to the lack of add-on resources that support the platform.

Svoboda 1945 is being developed with the help of custom built tools in Unity 3D. This also includes a combination of interactive comics and video interviews. With actual film footage and engaging mini games. All using the studio’s own tool kit, Charles engine. Making full motion video possible in Unity 3D. For more details, check out the link HERE.

While Attentat 1942 took place during the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia. Svoboda 1945 (“svoboda” is the Czech word for “freedom”) deals with the violent events. All taking place in the wake of the Nazi retreat at the end of World War II. Due to the banishing of Sudeten Germans from the country. Also, the Communists’ rise to power, and the forced division of farm lands.
This post war era brought not only the joy of freedom. But it also comes with a painful list of losses. Fits of hardly valid violence and a search for a new outfit of society. One that was also being influenced by the onset of the Cold War.

The original release for Svoboda 1945 is Q1 2020. Due to arrive on both Mac and Windows PC. Now officially releasing back on August 3th, 2021. Currently available with a 10% discount for a few more hours, priced at $14.39 USD. Linux players can add the game to their Wishlist on Steam.

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