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Sweet Dreams Alex keeps nightmares away

sweet dreams alex puzzle and construction game launches on linux and windows pc

Sweet Dreams Alex puzzle and construction game launches on Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to Clarity Games for their brilliant creativity. Available now on both Steam and Humble Store with 100% Positive reviews.

Take on a world where you have the power to craft dreams. You launch into the shoes of a dream builder, crafting winding paths to divert impending nightmares, ensuring a child gets her peaceful night’s rest. This is the nature of Sweet Dreams Alex.

Alex, the main character, is navigating the emotions of moving into a new home with her family. The unfamiliarity is overwhelming and a bit intimidating. So as nights fall, she enters a world of dreams, and this is where you come in. Your task? Ensure she gets her beauty sleep, undisturbed.

This puzzle and construction title isn’t about brute force or racing against the clock. The title is also about strategy and design. Your toolkit is a range of tools that allow you to design intricate labyrinths. These mazes, loaded with cunning distractions, play a crucial role in delaying the onslaught of Alex’s Nightmares until dawn breaks.

Your journey with Alex isn’t linear. Sweet Dreams Alex has over 250 carefully designed puzzles, you traverse six distinct worlds. Since each world carries its own charm, its unique mechanics, and a storyline that keeps you engaged. Through these, you’re not just helping Alex with her dreams, you’re walking side by side with her as she grows. While taking on every good day and every tranquil night.

Sweet Dreams Alex | Release Trailer

The Sweet Dreams Alex setting is a notable standout. In a world where life’s hustle can sometimes be overwhelming, this offers solace. Every moment you spend in Alex’s dream world is enveloped in a soothing setting. Accompanying your journey is a calming 70-minute soundtrack by the acclaimed lofi artist, edelwize. It’s a feast for the senses.

But that’s not all. The creators didn’t just design a compelling game for you; they also give you the power to be the creator. A robust level editor equips you with the means to design your own puzzles. The Sweet Dreams Alex mechanics are straightforward and user-friendly. And if you’re proud of your creation, sharing it is a breeze. A simple import / export code system also lets you share your masterpieces with fellow fans. While allowing them to step into the mazes you’ve spun.

There is also a Linux Demo available on Steam. So you can try before you buy.

In summary, Sweet Dreams Alex is more than just a puzzle and construction; it’s an experience. It’s about strategy, design, and emotional connection. For those willing to immerse themselves. But it also promises hours of both challenge and solace. Dive in and help guide Alex through the intricate world of dreams and reality on Steam and Humble Store. Priced at $12.74 USD / £10.87 / 12,57€ with the 15% launch discount for both Linux and Windows PC.

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