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Sweet Love minimalist platformer is worth a look

sweet love minimalist platformer is worth a look on linux mac windows pc

Sweet Love the minimalist platformer is worth a look on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to the creative efforts of developer OtterWays. Offering up an almost free game on Steam.

Sweet Love is a very-short platformer. Developed in a week using both Godot and Gimp. With asymmetrical gameplay that equally runs on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Also released as the first of a series of short games called Nuances. A series which focus on ideas represented in feminist. Or rather lgbtq+ thematics and fights for inclusiveness.
Since this is the first game from the indie game Studio Otterways. Stagin rough situations such as toxic couple relationship. Not to mention mental harassment and marital rape. While all the profits will directly go to the organisation « Woman in game ». Have a look at the trailer below.

Sweet Love Trailer

Sweet Love lasts around 15 minutes. During which you both play as the female and male protagonists. Therefore seeing their specific vision of their couple. And sharing their different feelings. Each level ends with a short scene forecasting a new event they have to deal with. Which allows you to understand the evolution of their relationship through time.

Sweet Love has originally been developed in a week. This was back in November 2019 by Aline Bardou. Also the founder of Otterways studio. It’s first purpose is to share a personal experience. Doing so in order to raise awareness and open a room for discussion. Which has to do with a particular type of violence in marital relationships. Initially published as a free game on Sweet Love received great reviews from the community. Who also appreciate the purpose of its message. With deep emotions that the games clarity puts across.

Since its first release, the game has been upgraded a lot in term of playability and access. Furthermore, 10 new levels were implemented to add a more psychological realism to the characters’ bond.

Sweet Love minimalist platformer is worth a look. Available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Priced at only $0.99 USD. So practically Free.

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