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Sword Coast Legends development studio n-Space closing after two decades in industry


n-Space has #confirmed the studio will be closing after 21 years in the industry, a challenging #decision that comes after “rounds of #layoff’s over the past few months.”

The studios that was noted for bringing Activision’s Call of Duty series to the Nintendo DS. Working with Square Enix on Heroes of Ruin for Nintendo 3DS.

This news surfaced from artist Ben Leary, after paying credit to colleagues for working “long and hard to keep this from happening.” Giving thanks to president Dan O’Leary “for his efforts and transparency throughout the process.”

Publisher Digital Extremes who backed n-Space’s most recent project Sword Coast Legends, were “deeply saddened” by the news, but their “passion for creating games never faltered.”

“We are deeply saddened by the closing of n-Space,” a Digital Extremes representative explains. “Staying alive as a mid-sized independent developer in the games industry is no small feat. Their passion for creating games never faltered and their dedicated team has ended on the high note of completing the console version of Sword Coast Legends.
“We are working hard with them to realise as much as we can for their team during this difficult time and encourage players to keep an eye on the official website for more details on the launch of Sword Coast Legends on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.”

This is a tough change for such a well known studio, but we do expect many of the staff will be able to fine new rolls in the industry. As it seems changes like these often evolve into new indie titles and other well-known projects.


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