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Sword of the Cult update, discount and support

sword of the cult update discount and support for linux and windows pc

Sword of the Cult update releases for Abandon Ship and a nice discount on Steam for Windows PC and Linux support. Thanks to Fireblade Software who unveil the new content for the game. Plus a 40% discount on Steam.

Sword of the Cult is a major update for Abandon Ship. With also goes along with sale before the price increase.

In this major update, Captains will play a new campaign. While they control a betrayed Cultist hell bent on revenge. Which faces the protagonist from the main story, the ‘Severed One’.
As they carry out Father’s Will, they will also rise through the ranks. Since they are working to gain command of the ultimate weapon: the Kraken.

Abandon Ship: Major Update – Sword of the Cult (Linux, Windows PC)

Alongside this, the main story is extended. While keeping the gameplay in line with the world changing conclusion of the Sword of the Cult campaign. So if you are playing via Proton, you can access older builds. Since they are available in the Beta Branch.

Linux Support Testing:

You if you right-click on Abandon Ship in the Steam library. Select the Beta‘s tab, then use password ‘lt27Utrx5k618vS‘. This will put you into the Linux testing branch.
According to Fireblade Software, “If all goes to plan, we’ll officially release it at the end of August.”

Captains can also venture into three new regions:

  • The Northern Remnants, the only area to thrive beyond the Fall. Since a shattering earthquake destroyed much of the region. So it is home to Pirates and the Cult, now.
  • Land’s End, home of the Redoubt. This is the region the Cult take over in the new campaign. By the time it’s accessible in the main story with Sword of the Cult. The Cult will have have already achieved dominance. But that doesn’t mean you can’t hamper their efforts. Since you can destroy their fortresses and desecrating their shrines.
  • The Wild Sea. Battered by incessant gales. While you combat the winds will, this will damage mast sections at their height. As well as risking sending crew overboard. So exploration of huge water spouts must be avoided. Since they risk damaging your vessel. Captain’s brave enough to adventure into the furthest extremes may not like what lies at the worlds edge.

In keeping with previous updates. These areas in Sword of the Cult are full of unique islands and quests. Some with lasting consequences on the environment.
Will you carry out the Necromancers will? And penetrate the walls of the Cofferdam City?
Meeting a familiar face from the combat campaign in Sword of the Cult. Or will you help an ambitious and ruthless Captain take over the Skin Merchants gang?
Many more weird, wonderful and grim stories lie out there, waiting to be discovered.

Abandon Ship has a 40% discount on Steam. So why not support Linux testing. Since the Windows build is already playable via Proton. Level that performance with Linux stability.

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