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Sylvio horror game inspired by Silent Hill for Linux, Mac and Windows PC

Indie developer Niklas Swanberg has just #released a trailer for the upcoming Sylvio, a horror game about a woman who records the voices of #ghosts.

The trailer is #spooky and intriguing, and sets up the plot of the game. In search of good ghost conversation, protagonist Juliette sets off for an abandoned (and cursed) park, which was shut down in the seventies, after a deadly storm wiped out a bunch of people.

The game has a definite David Lynch vibe, who is listed as a direct inspiration. The music, the heroine, the old-timey nostalgia and even the overall theme (there’s a darkness in the woods!) scream David Lynch, while the set-up is pure Silent Hill.

Sylvio is currently up for vote on Steam Greenlight. It’s slated for release on Linux, Mac and Windows PC, with no firm release date at the time of writing.

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