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Synthwave Racers has Linux on the table

synthwave racers pvp physics racing game has hope for a linux build with windows pc

Synthwave Racers PvP physics racing game has hope for a Linux build with Windows PC. Here’s the detail from Corrtex Games, the solo developer behind it all. Which is now available on Steam with a discount.

If you’re looking to dive headfirst into a futuristic, adrenaline-fueled adventure, then Synthwave Racers is due to offer a ride like no other. Having taken on my fair share of racers, but this physics racing? It has a vibe all its own.

Synthwave Racers is sleek, sci-fi kart racing, with a touch of retro. It’s a wild ride similar to classics like Mario Kart and Super Monkey Ball, but mixes in pulsating rhythms of synth-wave music. This turbocharged journey is now accessible on Windows PC, but holds hope for a native build. In an email reply, Corrtex Games stated, “Linux is totally on the table for future updates.”

While an immediate release isn’t on the cards, the developer is eyeing support for Linux, Switch, and possibly Xbox or Playstation. This interest seems inspired by the growing buzz around Steam Deck titles.

One of the most exhilarating aspects of Synthwave Racers is the test it throws at you. Asking you to soar at mind-blowing speeds, tackling unique courses. Drifting through a cyberpunk city, or sliding down icy mountain trails. Even taking jumps on distant planetary rings. There’s always something new to learn, even after the occasional crash.

Synthwave Racers – Gameplay Trailer

Speaking of challenges, the Synthwave Racers tracks you’ll conquer are nothing short of physics-defying wonders. Ever thought about soaring through gravity-twisting loops or navigating a spiraling corkscrew with absolute precision? This isn’t just racing, it’s an art form. And if that wasn’t enough, power-ups like the time-stopper truly elevate the stakes, due to give you split-second advantages.

But let’s talk customization. Since the level of personalization in Synthwave Racers is beyond epic. From quirky rider skins like chickens to karts shaped like shopping carts, the array of options is unmatched. And the best part? Unlocks aren’t just handed to you. Rise to challenges, scout out hidden gems, then you’ll be rewarded with gear.

Racing solo? Perfectly fine. But if you’re keen on some competition, you have an array of multiplayer options. Race against AI challengers or test your mettle against other speed enthusiasts globally. Since you can see how you measure up against racers from around the world. Plus, for those who enjoy a bit of friendly rivalry, time trials let you and friends see who reigns supreme on these Synthwave Racers tracks.

Now, no racing experience would be complete without a good soundtrack. And this one doesn’t disappoint. Synthwave Racers offers over 20 retro-synth tracks due to make your races even more intense. Each beat, each rhythm is designed to sync with your hypersonic speeds. While presenting a musical ride that resonates with every turn of the wheel.

So, whether you’re a fan of physics racing or just searching for a challenge, Synthwave Racers offers a game that’s both immersive and incredibly fun. Due to let you play the Windows PC on Linux via Proton. At least for now. Plus you can also Wishlist on Steam to show your support for a native build. Priced at $9.74 USD / £8.24 / 9,59€ with the 25% discount.

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