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System Shock announced upcoming Kickstarter

System Shock announces upcoming Kickstarter linux mac pc

The remastered System Shock is currently in #development and based on the early #gameplay footage, this #Unity-powered remake is coming along very well. It could be a while before we play the game, Night Dive Studios just announced their upcoming launch a Kickstarter campaign next month.

The studio posted a teaser on Facebook today along with the announcement, confirms the crowdfunding campaign will launch on June 29. This is for the remake of System Shock and it will be likely we see a successful Kickstarter indeed, but we will not know until next month how much the studio is seeking or where the development process resides.
However, we do know the remake is built in Unity, so we will see a Linux, Mac and Windows PC release. As previous email contact with Night Dive has outlined the interest for a Linux build.

In addition to looking much more polished, the remake will stay true to the original content – although the user-interface receive a nice upgrade.


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