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System Shock Reboot expect to hit Kickstarter tomorrow but it is not a remaster

#NightDive Studios will #launch the System Shock Kickstarter next week, which is no longer considered a #remaster but a reboot, according to the studio.

The studio spoke with Polygon about the crowdfunding campaign, CEO Stephen Kick outlined that the project is now a “full-fledged reboot of a classic game into something new.”

Kick also pointed out that due to the resources and passion of the the project team, things “elevated beyond the expectations someone would have for a remaster.”

Along with providing some concept art, Kick also mentioned that a playable demo will be released alongside the Kickstarter campaign on June 28. This is expect to be available for download via GOG, Humble and Steam for PC.

Night Dive was responsible for the Enhanced Edition of the original game. The System Shock Reboot is slated for a multi-platform release sometime in 2017.







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