System Shock remake Kickstarter in final hours

System Shock remake Kickstarter in final hours livestream linux mac pc

The System Shock remake Kickstarter passed the $1.1m stetch #goal, marking a definite #release for Linux and Mac after hitting the stretch goal. Now the Nightdive campaign is in the final hours and sitting at just over the $1.2m mark.

To celebrate, Night Dive Studios hosted a marathon three hour livestream, and in addition to commentating the pre-alpha #demo we have all played, Warren Spector himself turned up to comment on the new game, and to do a walkthrough of the original System Shock.

Join the creators on Twitch to get exclusive behind the scenes information about the creation of System Shock.
Tuesday July 26

  • 1 pm: Stream begins with Nightdive staff. Nightdive Staff will play through the demo and discuss in depth.
  • 1:30 pm: Tim Stellmach joins in to give his perspective.
  • 2 pm: System Shock Stream with Tim, Warren, and Paul.

Wednesday July 27

  • 12 pm – 2 pm: Bioshock with Robb Waters
  • 2 pm – 4 pm: Warframe with Rachael Messer and Digital Extremes
  • 4 pm – 7 pm: New Vegas with Chris Avellone
  • 7 pm – 9 pm: Deus Ex with Alexander Brandon and Deus Ex
  • 10 pm – 12 am: System Shock 2 Co-Op

Thursday July 28

  • 12 am – 2 am: System Shock 2 Co-Op
  • 2 am – 4 am: Nightdive Gaming Hour
  • 4 am – 6 am: Animation w/ Max
  • 6 am – 9 am: Zbrush w Jonah Lobe
  • 9 am – 12 pm: Q&A Stream with Team

Alright, so Linux Game News received this detail late, but never the less, the past broadcasts are available for viewing.

Also, if you have not pledged the System Shock remake on Kickstarter for Linux, Mac and Windows PC, now is the time.


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