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Tabletop Playground sessions coming in Q2 2020

tabletop playground games sessions coming in Q2 2020 for linux mac windows pc

Tabletop Playground game sessions are coming to Windows PC, with Linux and Mac in tow. Thanks to developer Plasticity Studios. The games due to release in Q2 2020 on Steam.

Modularity Games, the publisher from the creators of ModDB/IndieDB. Now partnering with Plasticity Studios so they can publish their debut title, Tabletop Playground. A modern take on digital tabletop gaming. Tabletop Playground is due to release on Windows PC in Q2 2020. But of course, I asked about Linux support.

We’d love to be able to bring TP to Linux and Mac in the future. But our focus for the initial launch will be Windows. That doesn’t rule out releasing Tabletop Playground on Linux and Mac at launch. Or in updates soon after. It just depends on how development goes!

While this does not a firm day one release for Tabletop Playground. Linux support could arrive at launch or a followup update. Check out the trailer.

Tabletop Playground Teaser Trailer

Development is using Unreal Engine 4. So you can experience digital tabletop gaming like never before. Creating realistic physics and satisfying controls. Recreate and modify classic games. Or maybe build your own and share them with the world. Utilize specialized tools to play niche and complex genres. Doing so with up to 8 players online in Tabletop Playground. Gameplay also featuring an easy to use in-game editor. So that players can create intricate and original games. Without knowing how to program or game development. While JavaScript scripting support allows players to create complex rules and actions. And as a result, creations are only limited by your creativity.

Players can start creating games for Tabletop Playground. Take part in the Creator’s Program. Als ann early access initiative started in December. Which utilises Creators can sign up for the program through the titles Discord.


  • 8 player online multiplayer
  • Modern and satisfying controls, with VR support
  • Powerful in-game editor and JavaScript scripting support
  • Specialised tools for niche genres, such as for war-gaming titles
  • Realistic graphics and physics powered by Unreal Engine 4
  • Cross platform and store mod support through

Tabletop Playground is due to release in Q2 2020. Launching on Windows PC, but Linux and Mac support will follow. But as stated before, this depends on development.

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