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Tacoma release confirmed day-one support

tacoma release confirmed day-one support linux mac windows games

#Tacoma is a narrative adventure aboard a high-tech space station in 2088. Since the #games listing on Steam shows #Windows, Linux is also supported. Yet there is a reason for this. Steam apparently has a technical issue regarding the SteamOS icon and Linux. Even after the games launch on August 2nd, which will only show Windows.

Hey Todd,

We actually wanted to shoot you a note about Tacoma on Linux specifically that we would appreciate you communicating to your readers.

As stated and planned, Tacoma will be available for Linux on day one on Steam.

Unfortunately due to some last-minute technical issues with launching on SteamOS. The Steam store page for Tacoma will not show Linux with official support. But once purchased from Steam, you will in fact be able to download and play on Linux. And when we’re able to address these lingering technical issues, we’ll look forward to checking the official Linux support box on Steam!

So gameplay takes players about the space station in your mission. Tacoma is the facility’s digital surveillance system. Hence the captured 3D recordings of pivotal moments in the crew’s life on the station. There as you explore, echoes of these captured moments surround you. Players will have the ability to rewind, fast-forward, and move through these scenes. While examining events from every angle. Reconstructing the multi-layered narrative as you explore.

Tacoma is the next game from the creators of Gone Home. Carrying the tradition of detailed, immersive, and powerful storytelling. While pulling players deeper into the games narrative, than ever before.

Tacoma Features:

  • A Richly Layered Story Experience:
    Six crewmembers lived and worked on space station Tacoma. While forming relationships, experiencing love and loss, and facing crisis together. So discover not just what happened to these people. Yet what makes them who they are, through your role as an interactive investigator. The story is told through a series of fully voiced with animation. With interactive AR scenes, immersing you in the events.
  • Groundbreaking Multi-Path Story System:
    In each section of the station, player are surround themselves with digital representations of crewmembers. While following their own parallel story threads that diverge, recombine, and split off again. Rewind, fast-forward, and move through these scenes’ chronologies as they swirl around you. Your interactive tools allow you to discover the tightly-knotted narrative from every angle, and in every detail.
  • Deeply Interactive Gameworld:
    Explore Tacoma Station both physically and digitally. Unlock doors and drawers to find meaningful objects, notes, and physical artifacts, while simultaneously exploring extensive records of the crew’s digital communications and personal thoughts. Every facet of the crew’s experience on Tacoma is part of your investigation.
  • Vision of the Future:
    Experience life in the year 2088. Discover a rich fictional universe that depicts humanity’s expansion into low-Earth orbit and beyond. A deeply-imagined speculative vision of the near future from the award-winning story team behind Gone Home and BioShock 2: Minerva’s Den.

Fullbright studio visit – The Making of Tacoma:

  • Compact Narrative Game:
    Tacoma is set to take around 2 to 5 hours to complete. How deep you dig and how much detail you find is up to you. Tacoma is a non-combat, non-puzzle-focused game. The details of the story and game-world are there for you to discover at your own pace.

So if you’re eager to get into Tacoma gameplay. The games available now on Steam and GOG for Linux and Windows. Even though the listing does not show Linux support.

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