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Tactics Maiden Remastered RPG launch date

tactics maiden remastered strategy rpg launch date for linux mac windows

Tactics Maiden Remastered is a fast-paced, turn-based strategy RPG has a launch date for Linux, Mac and Windows. Where player have to conquer enemy outposts scattered throughout the battlefield.

So In the tradition of games like Final Fantasy Tactics, Advance Wars or Fire Emblem. Tactics Maiden Remastered battles play out on a grid-based map. While the player controls plenty of characters across scenarios tied to both the game’s story and optional areas. Also has a launch date for Linux, Mac and Windows on September 13, 2018.

Tactics Maiden Remastered RPG Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Since each battle presents its very own challenges. The player is constantly working to refine strategies, their army of heroes and mercenaries. All player units carry over from scenario to scenario. While the units themselves have deeper customization. Using a complex skill system, more than 1000 equip-able items and renaming units.

Tactics Maiden Remastered comprises a compelling medieval fantasy story connecting all 85 scenarios. As well as 36 unique character classes, and over 70 special skills. Such like ‘Heal’, ‘Shield Allies’, ‘Ambush’, ‘Weaken’, ‘Magic Missile’ or Web Haul’.

What sets Tactics Maiden Remastered

  • Choose your own pace. Either crank up the difficulty and ponder over every single move similar to a board game. Or simpley play on normal difficulty and make use of the slick user interface. Since enemy turns can be put into action instantly. And the game almost has a real time strategy feel to it
  • A strong enemy AI which is constantly getting improvement over the past years. Since the creation of our first strategy RPG back in 2009
  • Flexible character builds with skill points that you can redistribute at will
  • Over 90 scenarios for 30+ hours of gameplay
  • A compelling medieval fantasy story centered around feudal rebellions, political schemes, war, and romances
  • 25 playable character classes with more than 80 special and tactical skills like ‘Fireball’, ‘Heal’, ‘Hide’, ‘Charge’, ‘Place Swap’, ‘Web Haul’, or ‘Send Home’
  • Thousands of weapons, armors and accessories available for use. Also these range from standard, rare to legendary items
  • There are 5 difficulty setting adjustments available mid-game too. Tactics Maiden Remastered is playable for both novice and seasoned strategy veterans.

Tactics Maiden Remastered is the successor of our highly acclaimed Kingturn trilogy. So many of the new features and improvements come from suggestions of the player community.

Launch date via Steam:

So expect to see Tactics Maiden Remastered on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows on September 13th. Also no word on price yet, but I expect somewhere around $15-20 USD.

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