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Skeletal Avenger hack and slash due to get support

skeletal avenger hack and slash due to get support on linux beside windows pc

Skeletal Avenger hack and slash game due to get support for Linux beside Windows PC. Thanks to feedback from developer 10tons Ltd. Due to make a debut on Steam.

Tesla Force native support “very possible”

tesla force native linux support very possible beside windows pc

Tesla Force: United Scientists Army is coming to Windows PC, but may not include native Linux support. According to developer and publisher 10tons Ltd. Coming to Steam in 2020.

Undead Horde action RPG leaving Early Access

undead horde action rpg leaving early access linux mac windows pc games

Undead Horde the action RPG games leaving Early Access for Windows PC, supporting Linux and Mac. The games Beta branch release on Steam. The games full release is coming this week.

Undead Horde raises the dead in March

undead horde raises the dead in march release date in linux mac windows games

Undead Horde has a March release date in Linux, Mac and Windows games. Thanks to multiplatform game developer and publisher 10tons. Who are eager to announce the March 6th release on Steam.

DYSMANTLE an open world RPG from 10tons

dysmantle an open world rpg from 10tons in linux mac windows games

DYSMANTLE is an open world action RPG for Linux, Mac and Windows, where you ruin everything. The games is also still in development for all three platforms and 10tons hopes to release this year via Steam.

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