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Search for Surf support could make a break for it

search for surf support could make a break for it on linux beside mac and windows pc

Search for Surf open world 3D physics based surfing game considering Linux support beside Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to game developer Ed Marx. Which just released on Steam Early Access with a pretty big discount. And a playable Demo.

Spiralagon 3D platformer gets new Icy zone

spiralagon 3d platformer gets new icy zone on windows linux games

Spiralagon nonviolent 3D platformer gets new Icy Incursion zone for Windows, but Linux support is looking up. While Terminal Button introduce three new ice levels for slippery scoring and speed running/sliding.

Impulsion 3D platformer could get support

impulsion 3D platformer could get linux support beside windows

Impulsion [official website] is a first person 3D platformer coming to Steam for Windows, but not Linux. Well we reached out to developer Driving Force Games with some interesting feedback.

Mulaka 3D action adventure asking for Tux Love

mulaka 3d action adventure games asking for linux support

Mulaka, a 3D action adventure game for Windows that is getting great Reviews on Steam. So what better time then to share some Tux Love, right?

So just a couple of days ago, developer Lienzo launched of Mulaka. An intimate look at the rich history and mythology of northern Mexico’s indigenous Tarahumara people. Since then, the Linux community on reddit has picked up interest. Asking the for support in getting a Linux release. Seeing Lienzo is also asking to see if there is enough interest. Which is what they outlined to use in an email.

Bacon Man 3D platformer games native release

bacon man 3 platformer games linux release on steam beside windows and mac

Bacon Man is a side-scrolling 3D platformer that is coming to Windows, but also Linux and Mac games via Steam. Well according to a recent email from developer Skymap Games, Linux is a big deal. Both in house for business and in-home.

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