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Hyper Knights medieval action gets Multiplayer

hyper knights slash medieval action gets multiplayer linux mac windows games

Since developer Endless Loop Studios released #HyperKnights for Linux, Mac and #Windows. Interests are again peaked, due to our ongoing interest in Endless Loop #games. Yet now, the dash and slash has a new addition, multiplayer! Hence the creator of Blueprint Tycoon and Game Corp DX games now expands again. Since Hyper Knights released on Steam just last month. Yet it’s great to see multiplayer now supported. We discussed being able to play with other people back in Early Access via email, voila.

So gameplay has players raising an army, learning powerful combos to take back the land. Therefore we are pleased a full release is now available. Since the successful Greenlight campaign in January followed by the Early Access debut. Hence only three months of EA development and now the game officially launches. Endless Loop Studios is living up to the defined May 2017 release.

Since everything promised in the Early Access roadmap is complete. Now we officially have the Multiplayer full release – v1.03:

Multiplayer is now fully released! There have been no issues reported so I believe it should be stable. As always if you find something let me know.

It now supports 1 player, 2 player and 4 player, Multiplayer Leaderboards are now also working and many small fixes.

So go on and raise that army, recruit allied Knights to join your cause. While command their armies, siege enemy castles, raid their outposts. Then ambush their convoys and use the loot to build your lands.

Hyper Knights Features:

  • Slash and Dash through your enemies
  • Command hundreds of minions
  • Recruit allied Knights to your cause
  • Upgrade your skills and learn powerful combos
  • Defend your lands from enemy attacks
  • Duel enemy Knights
  • Siege their castles and take back your land!

So Hyper Knights is available now on Steam and Humble Store. Start playing a few games for $4.99 USD on Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

Rocket Wars releases on Linux and Windows

rocket wars fast-paced shooter releases for linux and windows gaming in 2017

Since Rooftop Panda and developer #ArchonInteractive finally have their release on Steam. Hence Rocket Wars now fully releases for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. The Archon Interactive #gaming debut in #2017. And since this is a fast-paced, local multiplayer game of spaceship-battle madness. We are eager to share the news of the release. Even though we have yet to dive into gameplay.

So Rocket Wars is a fast-paced local multiplayer game for up to 4 players. Since the game also features crazy weapons, lots of powerups and several game modes. Since this is the go-to party game when you have people over. Or even looking for those fast and furious pvp gaming battles.
Therefore in Rocket Wars you take control of a spaceship. Since this comes complete with different strengths and weaknesses. You the player have to do all in your power to kill your enemies.

Rocket Wars Features:

  • 12 different spaceships, all with a unique look and stats
  • 4 exciting game modes:
  • Free For All
  • Survivor
  • Nuke King
  • 2 versus 2
  • Quick competitive gameplay sessions packed with action
  • Titles for all at the end, both good and bad

The game also features AI opponents to fill the lasts slots. So if you are less than 4 people playing, you’re good.

While Rocket Wars releases now on Steam, which is a party game for Linux and Windows. Since it also comes with a 10% discount until July 5th. The whole point is to challenge friends and to determine who is superior in 2017. So to get the most of gaming, Archon Interactive recommends playing with controllers. playing Rocket Wars with controllers for the best experience.

LandTraveller RPG now on Early Access (Linux)

landtraveller release indie rpg in linux mac windows pc games

Since players become a kemonomimi and thrive in this action RPG, LandTraveller. Hence the #games now available on Early Access for Linux, Mac and #Windows PC’s. Players get to see a constructive world from a new perspective. All while you customize, battle, and grow with deep action #RPG elements. And you also get to invite NPC citizens to join your cave or village. Because you become close to your inner beast and realize that full potential, right?

So LandTraveller will feature lots of RPG character customization. Set to fit your preferred play style strategy. Since players can play through a personal story or in a conquest with friends. You can explore where you wish. Players can advance through the single player by clearing a series of “dungeons”. While the multiplayer allows you to build a community for NPC’s to move into. Or to simply discover existing settlements. So go on and search for lost knowledge. Including rare material that enables you to craft powerful equipment.

Developer WolfCoder Workshop explanation:

After many years, starting as a distant concept and gathering a small group of followers. Passing through Steam Greenlight a year before its closure. LandTraveller has finally reached the Steam store in Early Access! In its current state, the game features multiplayer supported by 3rd party servers. S story mode completed up to the first chapter and a freestyle explore mode. Even support to redefine worlds to customize explore mode and multiplayer.

Just create your character from animal to color theme. Enter in a world seed and set out to explore. You can craft precisely what you want for your character. Pick your loadout based on your play style from a variety of weapons, and apply weapon mods. Augment your character through abilities. Players can learn by levelling up and raising your proficiency in different areas. Orbs will give your weapons different special secondary attacks based on your current weapon type for versatility.

Still true to its roots as a constructive game, you can collect materials and build in a 3D world. The 2D isometric projection is only a view to the world, presented together with realtime chiptune sound emulation for a nostalgic feel. No more relying on just the right weapon or gear to drop! If handcrafted world building is more your thing, the story mode features unique NPCs and lore to discover. There’s no survival mechanics like hunger or durability to worry about, just good old-fashioned combat and exploration.

So there you have it, LandTraveller. The games now available on Early Access for Linux, Mac and Windows PC’s.

NIGHTSTAR: Rogue Wings and a Linux release?

nightstar: rogue wings on early access with a linux release coming with windows games

Since NIGHTSTAR: Rogue Wings is in develop via husband and wife team Solidmesh. Hence the intense arcade #flight combat game keeps players focused on rapid air #battles. Along with the #games and fast-paced missions. Which is currently available for Windows PC on Early Access. Yet a recent email reply indicates otherwise.

Linux release?

“Developed in UE4 [Unreal Engine 4] and Linux support is a very real possibility in the future.”

Since Solidmesh have issued the above state via email. There is an active thread for Linux support on the Steam Discussions. The more votes the better. And since Unreal Engine 4 is the game engine of choice. So players can expect great things. And while I don’t know if NIGHTSTAR: Rogue Wings is playable via Wine. The actually is definitely enticing.

So players can switch between a tactical third-person view. Or to an immersive cockpit view. Fight your way to rise up against an evil Artificial Intelligence that rules the galaxy. Since it takes players on a breathtaking journey. With beautifully handcrafted environments, battleships, and enemy fighters.
While taking on the roll of Commander Eastwood on a singleplayer campaign mode. Your skills as a pilot will be put to the test. While you learn secrets about the games sworn enemy. The Absolute Unity through completing missions on all the 3 complete levels. All available in this Early Access version. Triple-A art and effects, complete with state-of-the-art sound design.

Early Access Version for Windows:

  • Singleplayer campaign mode with 3 COMPLETE LEVELS
  • Tactical third person view AND immersive cockpit view
  • Unique target lock system
  • Triple-A art and effects
  • State-of-the-art sound design

NIGHTSTAR: Rogue Wings Full Version (Q3 of 2017):

  • 9 complete levels with unique enemies and bosses
  • Full PlayStation®4 and Xbox One gamepad support
  • Flightstick (HOTAS) support
  • Even more weapons
  • Neat customization options
  • Dynamic open world missions
  • Steam Trading Cards and Achievements

Since a Linux build is a solid possibility for NIGHTSTAR: Rogue Wings. Now is the best time to show that tux love via Steam. Or if you want to buy a copy, check out the Early Access page.

Medieval Shopkeeper Simulator on Kickstarter

nedieval shopkeeper simulator on Kickstarter games - linux mac windows pc

Since Medieval Shopkeeper Simulator is a hybrid 2D-3D game. So we are keen to share the #games pixel art and low poly style via #Kickstarter. Hence players will have to craft, sell and create your Merchant Empire. With confirmed support for Linux and Windows via the Unity 3D engine. While now having passed the funding goal of the crowdfunding campaign. Developer Breakfast Studio is looking to expand Medieval Shopkeeper Simulator even further.

What’s the story here?

Since your character is abandoned once more. Without help from anyone. Players are tasked with having to keep their little shop with a few coins and resources. Can you learn to live by your own on this kingdom and turn this shop into a merchant empire?
Ever since the new king came to town, the old ways of life have all disappeared. Hence the church, once the city’s most important place of activity. Now hides many things like never before. While the kingdom seems full of opportunity and light. With a little dedication and effort. Players might just be the one to restore this kingdom to greatness.

The main goals of Medieval Shopkeeper Simulator are simple:

  1. The game is designed with a randomly generated play-through. Hence keeping replayability high and fresh. And since Breakfast Studio favour roguelikes, expect to see such elements.
  2. So player decisions affect everyone (for real!). This it’s not a linear story, players create the story through their actions.
  3. The goal is to create a game that makes you feel like little by little. So players become the most powerful merchant in the whole region. Controlling every trade in the kingdom

So the build system in Medieval Shopkeeper Simulator works by placing Work-Kit’s on the floor. While the players stay near them, they will let you craft specific items. Depending on the Work-Kit type.
For example: With a cooking work-kit, you can make special recipes with food. Wizard work-kit will let you create magic potions and spells. Hence later combining them with swords and make epic weapons.

Yet playars do not have to craft items. Since every morning, a local merchant will come to your store. So players what they need from him, such raw materials, work-kits, epic gear and spells. Therefore Medieval Shopkeeper Simulator can be played in many ways.

Medieval Shopkeeper Simulator is currently on Kickstarter right now. Since the games funding is successful, the crowdfunding campaign will continue via Stretch goals. While the estimated release date for Linux and Windows is late November 2017.