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Guts and Glory violent stunt action launches today

guts and glory violent stunt action launches today on linux mac windows

Guts and Glory violent stunt action officially launches on Linux, Mac and Windows. Where ordinary people compete in extraordinary challenges of life and death, for glory.

War Tech Fighters release update and the Full Launch

war tech fighters release update and the full launch for windows no linux or mac

War Tech Fighters full launch coming to Steam for Windows, but what about a Linux update? Well have a small update for Linux and Mac support.

PLANET ALPHA no plans for native support

planet alpha no plans for linux support

PLANET ALPHA a beautiful alien world filled with mystery and danger but no Linux support. We reached out to Team17 early this month via email. Ideally looking to ensure native support for PLANET ALPHA platformer coming in Q3 2018.

Beacon action roguelite native support update

beacon action roguelite linux support update

Beacon is a science fiction-themed action roguelite coming to Windows, then Mac and finally Linux. While gameplay itselft plays like a top-down shooter. Which all sounds interesting, since we posted news back in April. With the Itch release coming available via Windows for $19.99 USD.

Unworthy dark fantasy action and native support

unworthy dark fantasy action to get linux and mac support

Unworthy is an exploration-driven 2D action metroidvania game on Windows, coming to Linux and Mac. We reached out to developer Aleksandar Kuzmanovic Games and we have confirmation. This is also the game with a twist, since you can’t jump.

Moonlighter roguelite releases on Steam

moonlighter action rpg gets a release date for linux mac windows

Moonlighter is an Action RPG with rogue-lite elements is now available on Mac and Windows. following the everyday routines of the aforementioned Will, Rynoka’s ambitious shopkeeper that dreams of becoming a hero.

Juicy Realm will not see native support

juicy realm action rpg adventure mac windows no linux support

Juicy Realm will not see Linux support, just Mac and Windows. Since the game released back on May 3rd, we were hoping for more positive details regarding native support. But X.D. Network Inc., a leading China publisher working with SpaceCan, an indie Chinese developer do not have plans. Sad but true.

Die for Valhalla launches with day one support

Die for Valhalla beat em up rpg launches with day one support linux mac windows

Die for Valhalla! 4 player action RPG launches support for Linux, as well as Mac and Windows. Available now on both Steam and Humble Store.

Chasm action adventure coming summer 2018

chasm action-adventure coming summer 2018 for linux mac windows

Chasm an action-adventure game coming to Linux, Mac and Window summer 2018 via Steam. Where players take on the role of a new recruit undertaking your first mission for the Guildean Kingdom.

Moonlighter the 11 Facts new Features Trailer

moonlighter the 11 Facts new features trailer for linux mac windows

Moonlighter is a new action adventure RPG coming to Linux, Mac and Windows. Since we are eager to learn about this different world flooded with monsters. We get to see what kind of bosses await you in the darkest of dungeons.

So In the 11 Facts about Moonlighter video. Digital Sun and 11 bit studios are also giving you everything you’ll need to know about surviving your adventure.

FOX n FORESTS platformer now available

FOX n FORESTS platformer now available on linux mac windows games

FOX n FORESTS, the retro action platformer for Linux, Mac and Windows. Developer Bonus Level Entertainment and publisher EuroVideo are to thank. Since Steam users can jump into the action right now with a 10% discount.

Wonder Boy discount and new update

wonder boy the dragons trap discount and new update in linux mac window games

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap action platformer has a huge discount and a new update on Steam for Linux, as well as Mac and Windows. DotEmu, developer and publisher announce the sale and new fixes for Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap.

Runner3 native support with enough demand

runner3 to get linux support with enough demand

Runner3 could see Liux support with enough demand for the rhythm action platformer. Which is also set to release on May 22nd via Steam.

So walk, don’t run, to the next offering from Choice Provisions. Runner3 is the third entry in the BIT.TRIP RUNNER series. Launching on Steam, GOG and Humble. So pre-orders are available now at 15% off until May 22nd.

Tooth and Tail RTS Crossplay is now live

tooth and tail rts crossplay is now live for linux mac windows ps4

Tooth and Tail the multiplayer RTS is now available via Crossplay on Linux, Mac and Windows with PS4. So eager fans and those willing to challenge those PS4 players. It’s time.

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