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Diluvion launches a Linux Beta on Steam

diluvion launches a linux beta on steam in gaming news

Some rather significant gaming news, the underwater action RPG Diluvion hits Linux. Developer Arachnid Games have been following up on the Linux thread via Steam. While this is not quite a full Linux release. There is a Beta branch accessible to all who are able to play-test the game.

“The Linux build should be up and accessible on the beta now, let us know if there are still issues!

Sound will be added next week. so we suggest waiting until then to actually play the game.

We’ll set up Linux as a dual-boot on one of our systems soon in order to test it ourselves. but if someone can try running the game and giving us the thumbs up that everything’s working that’d be mucho appreciated.”

The Story

Since being forced into the deep oceans by a Great Flood from centuries ago. Humanity now survives under a thick layer of unbreakable ice. While their survival hangs by a tenuous thread. But seeing that they are strong, a new civilization is evolving with distinct kingdoms, religions and cultures.

So explore the dangers of the depths in this amazing flooded world of Diluvion. Then unearth untold riches and glory. Discovering the remnants of civilization in numerous unique towns. All while learning their local lore, trade news and treasure. Hiring new new members in the process. Improving each of the 9 unique submarines using the deep upgrade system. Gaining access to new areas and loot. Complete with different types of cannons and torpedoes to overcome dangers. Assembling your own unique crew to brave it alongside you. Whether you wish to play as a silent hunter or a guns blazing dreadnought. Arrange your crew members and weapons to fit your playstyle.

Diluvion Features:

  • A Beautiful Underwater World to Explore: Three massive and beautifully realized open sea zones to explore. Each with their own factions, local stories and more
  • Innovative Combination of 2D & 3D Graphics: Experience the mysteries of the deep in beautifully rendered 3D graphics as you navigate your submarine. Seamlessly switch to meticulously hand-painted 2D graphics when exploring towns and cities
  • Thrilling Real-Time Submarine Combat: Utilize an arsenal of underwater weapons. Engage in life-or-death firefights with other submarines and deadly creatures
  • Crew Recruitment: Assemble your own unique crew to fight alongside you. Recruiting different Helmsmen, Gunners and Sonar Technicians. Utilize each of their special skills. Different personalities to change the flow of combat and exploration.

Diluvion Submarines:

  • Upgradable Submarines: Continuously improve your vessel. Add new weapons that can dramatically change the tide of battle. Then gain access to new areas by increasing its dive depth. While collecting hull armour plates.
  • 9 Pilotable Submarines: Explore the world to uncover 9 unique pilotable submarines while gaming. Each with their own feel, strengths and weaknesses
  • Resource Management: This world is not for the faint of heart. As resources are limiting and survival is a constant battle. You’ll have to actively manage your food supplies and oxygen levels. So keep your crew alive and overcome the perils of the sea
  • Upgradeable Home Base: Build and grow your own base of operations under the sea. Housing all your stand-by crew members and submarines. Upgrade your base to increase your notoriety and wealth. Since upgraded bases can also house valuable opportunities. Such as rare item merchants and bars with notorious sailors as patrons.
  • Loot System: The world is full of rare loot and quests to discover. Especially for those who dare to venture off the beaten path
  • Terrifying Underwater Foes: Explore the world and test your bravery against giant sea creatures. Plus mysteries undersea anomalies!

So another bit of news, Diluvion is available now on Steam with a 25% discount until May 1st. Eager players can get into Linux gaming by joining the Beta branch.

Hot Guns full release now available on Steam

hot guns full release now available on steam in linux gaming news

Now with a full release in gaming news, Hot Guns. Hence this #fast and #destructive action-platformer for Linux, SteamOS and Windows PC. All with a different variation of random #gameplay. Now the full release is available on Steam.

So I have to admit, my first impression is Broforce. The epic shooter platformer that boasts a roster of nostalgia beyond compare. Let alone the multiplayer action. Yet it seems we have a contender, Hot Guns.

What’s the Story

Since serious problems arise. The quick and simple solution, the only choice, they call for you. So conventional methods of operation “shoot first then shoot again!”. The mission, eliminate the 3 guys in charge. Hence the rather predictable but well armed organisation. Here players will get coordinates, a pager, powerful guns. And even bigger news, access to unlimited ca$h. While working on the basis of what you find is yours.

Hot Guns Features

  • Full-action Single Player story mode
  • Up to 4 Players in the Local Co-op missions [more to come with the updates]
  • Local Deathmatch arenas
  • An awful a lot of justified violence
  • Powerfully messy guns
  • Milions of fake currency to collect (it can be spend to buy even more powerful guns !)
  • Gadgets which will make running and shooting even more pleasant
  • Achievements
  • And who knows what else [with future news updates]

So all of the Hot Guns gaming mayhem is available now on Steam. Hence this release comes with a 15% discount until May 5th for Linux, SteamOS and Windows PC.

MyWorld latest update brings loot

myworld 3d latest update brings loot in linux gaming news

If you follow gaming news, you will know about the new and unique 3D #RPG #multiplayer #sandbox MyWorld. Since the game is created by The Game Creators, who just released an update. Now due not that the Linux release is not available yet. However this is as Unity 3D game and should work in Wine.

So now the developers are adding a massive 950+ Loot Fest. While not including rings, weapons and armour sets. Giving players a chance to grab drops from killing enemies in any world you are adventuring. Since this this also guarantees loot drops from bosses. Plus inventory for storing loot and checking hero/items stats.

The update is one of TheGameCreators ‘long term goals’ in its development plan for the game. Which was released on 17 March 2017 on Steam Early Access.

We are looking into porting MyWorld to Linux and hope to carry out this development once our current Early-Access release is completed.

How long will MyWorld be in Early Access?

“We’ll develop and refine the product for another 9 months or so before a final full release. The timing will be determined by the player feedback we receive as we work alongside our early adopting community.”

Dave Milton, Lead Developer on MyWorld, said today, “There are now 13 levels of difficulty from Evergreen to Demon Blight 5. Set from your inventory when inside the hub world. All 967 items can be found in each of the 13 levels. So we actually have just added 12,571 items. Plus, our 5 knights, including the infamous ‘Bucket Man’. Now having names and a great mix of abilities and strengths.”

So this latest news update to MyWorld brings big improvements. Yet follows the addition of combat two weeks ago and the ongoing addition of loads of gaming content.

Released on Steam Early Access. MyWorld has been described by users as “It’s like RPG maker, but with 3D graphics, better gameplay. And you don’t have to be a nuclear physicist to make a good story and game” and “An excellent framework for beginners, MyWorld is like Minecraft for game design”.

Riptale 2D action platformer launches today

riptale 2d action platformer launches today in linux gaming news

Since we introduced the coming release of the #platformer in gaming news. Hence the day has finally come, Riptale officially #launches. But there’s a catch, the release is only available for Windows PC. While the Linux and Mac ports are coming later after further testing.

So this #GameMaker: Studio 2D action game is really impressive. Yet also aiming to make sword combat as bloody and intense as possible. While the player collects gems that allow them to upgrade attacks. All unleash crazy combos that fill the screen with blood and guts. So if Riptale was a board game, it would shoot scissors at you. All while paying homage to the action classics.

Since gameplays is more than smashing the the attack button. Riptale with simple color scheme keep focus, first aiming at their target and then strike. All while powered by arcane gems to upgrade your attacks. Yet powerful enough to bring down the ancient dragons threatening the world. Since attacks are based on the gem’s charge. The regeneration time is relatively quick. Yet it still means that attacks are fast, but must be planned carefully. Otherwise a player will run out at the worst possible moment.



Purchase attack gems and line them up the way you want to fight.


Unlock the true power in your attacks by utilizing the analogue stick.


Encounter dragons and mystical cultists and end their reign of terror.


Roam through dark crypts, underground forests, and mushroom caverns.


Since the gameplay offers some significant replayability. Due note that gaming is expected to carry out for 10 hours or longer. Depending on your play style and your access navigating levels/dungeons. Which is why we are releasing news. Since the game plays well and completely surprised me. Hence like Hollow Knight but much much faster.

So Riptale platformer is available today on both Steam and Humble Store. With the fast action gaming price of $5.99 USD. Making Riptale a rather worthwhile release in gaming. While the Linux and Mac builds are in testing and will be hitting Steam soon.

World to the West action adventure coming May 5th

world to the west action adventure coming may 5th in linux gaming news

The standalone follow-up of Teslagrad now in gaming news. Hence World to the West is an #action adventure coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC. While also a follow up to the indie hit that sold more than 1.6 million copies. All set in a vast world of blue skies and dark caves. Each awaiting the player in this 3D action #adventure. While unveiling the mysteries of an ancient prophecy.

Linux day-one support?

“We’ll be supporting Linux from day one. For development, we have used Unity.”

World to the West is a cartoony top down action adventure. All inspired by European adventure comics. While players take control of four unique characters. Each coming with their their own motivations, skills and interweaving storylines. So as they seek to escape a dark shadow of an ancient prophecy. All four, Lumina the Teslamancer, Knaus the orphan, Miss Teri the mind bender and the gloriously mustachioed strongman, Lord Clonington. So travel trough corrupt colonies, lush jungles and frozen tundras. Then creep through the secrets of a forgotten civilization.

At 0:16 into the trailer, the character punches a beast and then rides it. LMAO What!?


  • Play as four heroes, each hailing from individual nations. While possessing unique identities and abilities.
  • Explore a vibrant world filled with characters. All who have their own helpful and not-so-helpful agendas.
  • Experience seamless transitions between combat and puzzle gaming. Hence keeping the player on their toes.
  • Face your enemies head-on with brute force. Convincing them to see things your way or avoid them altogether. It’s your call.
  • Uncover secrets, more secrets and secrets inside secrets. Exploration is key to unveiling World to the West’s mysteries.
  • Set in the Teslagrad universe. While players encounter both new and familiar faces.

So World to the West is coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC via Steam. However, the reason for this news, pre-order’s are available at the Humble Store.