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The Swords of Ditto action RPG coming in April

the swords of ditto action rpg coming for linux mac and windows

The Swords of Ditto is vibrant action RPG coming to Linux, Mac and Windows. The games a product of onebitbeyond, who are the real heroes. Including that game label Devolver Digital. Both of whom are bringing The Swords of Ditto to life on April 24th.

Neonwall aim & shoot could see a native release

neonwall aim and shoot could see a linux release along with mac and windows games

Neonwall aim and shoot could see a Linux release. The games expecting to debut by JanduSoft S.L. is coming to Nintendo Switch on March 15th. Following this, we can expect Mac, Windows and likely a Linux.

Mulaka 3D action adventure asking for Tux Love

mulaka 3d action adventure games asking for linux support

Mulaka, a 3D action adventure game for Windows that is getting great Reviews on Steam. So what better time then to share some Tux Love, right?

So just a couple of days ago, developer Lienzo launched of Mulaka. An intimate look at the rich history and mythology of northern Mexico’s indigenous Tarahumara people. Since then, the Linux community on reddit has picked up interest. Asking the for support in getting a Linux release. Seeing Lienzo is also asking to see if there is enough interest. Which is what they outlined to use in an email.

Heroes of Hammerwatch launches today

heroes of hammerwatch action rpg rogue-lite launches in linux and windows games

Heroes of Hammerwatch is a rogue-lite action-adventure game that launches for Linux and Windows. All set in the same universe as Hammerwatch. Available on Steam and GOG.

Boo! Greedy Kid 2D puzzle action now on Steam

boo! greedy kid 2d puzzle action games now on steam for linux mac windows

Boo! Greedy Kid is a 2D puzzle action game is available now Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows. So all of those pent up frustrations from the week. Well it’s time to voice some stealth action shouting.

So the time has come to twerk your greedy butt in Flying Oak Games’ latest game. Boo! Greedy Kid is a stealth shouting soda action game. Which is a lot of words to explain. Which is now available on Steam.

FOX n FORESTS action RPG coming Spring

FOX n FORESTS action rpg coming spring in linux mac windows games on steam

FOX n FORESTS is an action RPG and 2D platformer coming this Spring for Linux, Mac, Windows. The games publisher EuroVideo and developer Bonus Level Entertainment are making magic happen on Steam.

Undead Horde action RPG coming to Steam

undead horde fantasy action rpg coming to steam in linux mac windows games

Undead Horde is a unique action RPG coming to Linux, Mac and Windows, available 2018 via Steam. The games coming from developer 10tons Ltd. Undead Horde is slated for Steam and console release in 2018.

Feudal Alloy metroidvania games Beta demo

feudal alloy metroidvania games beta demo linux mac windows

Feudal Alloy has a closed beta demo coming to Linux, Mac and Windows. Attu Games are releasing their new fish-controlled metroidvania on February 20, 2018 via Steam. Since the full release is coming Q3 2018.

In Celebration of Violence launches on Steam

in celebration of violence launches on steam for linux mac windows

In Celebration of Violence gets a fully launches on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows. The games finally hit version 1.0 after spending almost two years on Early Access.

Since the games is a fantasy action roguelike of exploration and murder. Meaning, the methodical combat requires that you plan your attacks. Also the same goes with dodging, blocking and parries. While considering your opponents and the environment.
Death is permanent but you can improve your stats. Purchase items to aid future lives. ​

The Forbidden Arts games going native

the forbidden arts action adventure platformer in windows and linux games

The Forbidden Arts, an action adventure platformer now on Early Access for Windows, but coming to Linux. While Stingbot Games starts its journey via Steam. The full release will arrive in early 2019. Which also includes support for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Forgive Me My Henchmen will get native support

forgive me my henchmen will have linux mac windows support

Forgive Me My Henchmen will see native Linux support. The games in development by developer EezyStreet. Having now released the official trailer. Which is an interesting mix between tower defense and Broforce gameplay.

So in Forgive Me My Henchmen you play as the typical action movie head bad guy. Deploying henchmen and sabotaging a building to delay an unstoppable one-man army.

And we now have formal confirmation that a Linux port is planned.

Niffelheim full release details via Steam games

niffelheim full release details via steam games for linux mac windows

Niffelheim full release is coming to Linux, Mac and Windows via Steam games. Since the Early Access release back in April 2016. The games been in development ever since. Needless to say we reached out to developer Ellada Games.

The Fall Part 2 games new “I Am Train” trailer

the fall part 2 games new i am train trailer for linux mac windows

The Fall Part 2: Unbound gets a new trailer, “I Am Train” trailer for games coming release. Which will debut on Linux, Mac and Windows via Steam and Humble Store on February 13, 2018.

Crossing Souls games, behind the scenes look

crossing souls games behind the scenes look for linux mac windows

Crossing Souls gets a behind the scenes look since the games coming to Linux, Mac and Windows. This is all in anticipation of the coming action adventure release. Crossing Souls is scheduled for February 13th launch on Steam.

So players take a stroll through the legendary streets of Seville, Spain. With the charming team of the Fourattic studio that created the game. While you work to find out how this strange name for the studio was born. How children’s love and professional paths led to the birth of Crossing Souls. And is it worth creating a game when all bets are against you?

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