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Valfaris – Support update and new Demo

valfaris support update and new demo for windows linux

Valfaris has a new Demo available on Windows, but have a Linux support update. Indie game publisher Digital Uppercut has released a limited time demo for Steel Mantis’ for the upcoming heavy metal 2D action-platformer. Available now on Steam and playable until December 31st, playable for Linux gamers using Proton.

Desert Child the official launch is here

desert child the official launch download for linux mac windows

Desert Child the racing action RPG has an official launch today on Linux, Mac and Windows, which is available for download. So a couple of days ago we released the new the stylistic launch trailer. Plus the announcement of a music track paying homage to the anime Cowboy Bebop. Also the creation of the sole developer, Oscar Brittain. Available on Steam, GOG and Humble Store.

Fight for Love action platformer coming 2019

fight for love action platformer coming 2019 to linux windows

Fight for Love is a 2D action platform game for Linux and Windows coming to Steam. While the story follows Ron, who is the major of Simdar army, with a mission is to protect the Simdar city from external and internal conflicts.

Damsel vampire platformer gets full support

damsel vampire action platformer full support for linux mac windows

Damsel the vampire slaying arcade game is now available for Linux on Steam. All thanks to the efforts of develoer Screwtape Studios who contacted me last night with the good news. With 100% Positive reviews.

Sundered: Eldritch Edition to launch this month

sundered eldritch edition to launch this month on linux mac windows

Sundered: Eldritch Edition will launch worldwide on Linux, Mac and Windows. Developer Thunder Lotus is launching the new edition on December 21, 2018. The definitive version of the chaotic hand-drawn action-adventure game. This also includes some notably enhancement to the game with local co-op.

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