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Beat The Game launch date for Steam (Linux)

beat the game launch date for linux mac windows in steam games

The folks over at independent studio, Worm Animation have further news. Since their point and click music adventure Beat The Game will launch on September 7th. The games going to be available on Steam and Humble Store for Linux, Mac and Windows. Since this also means another day-one release.
So to accompany the announcement. The studio are proud to release the latest trailer. Focusing on the music of the illustrious house and techno producer, Marc Houle. Who contributed to the game’s dynamic soundtrack.
Beat The Game combines beautiful, handcrafted characters. Environments have a classic 3D point and click adventuring. While adding an intuitive music making mechanic. Inspired as much by twentieth century surrealists, Dali and Ernst. Hence their modern European techno. Beat The Game is a charming adventure game with a heart made of music.

Beat The Game is about finding pleasure in music. With Mistik’s sequencer, anyone will be able to create their own unique club track within the game,” said Cemre Ozkurt, founder of Worm Animation. “The world and our characters hopefully show how transformative and fun making music can be. As our debut title, we’re so excited to finally share our own vision of the classic point and click game. We’ve built a beautiful 3D environment, characters of real personality and a dynamic, shifting soundtrack to accompany the action.”

Beat The Game | The Music Of Marc Houle:

With a background in beautifully crafted film animation, Worm Animation takes players on a journey with Mistik, the hero of Beat The Game, to uncover the mysterious, abstract universe he finds himself in after a motorbike crash. Mistik, though, is no ordinary hero—he’s a music producer. With the help of his trusty recorder, Mistik must collect the samples scattered around Beat The Game’s beautiful, dream-like environments in order to create the ultimate track. Esteemed house and techno producer, Marc Houle, is scoring the soundtrack. So this ensures the player can craft a own club thumper for the launch on Linux, Mac and Windows. Which will be hit Steam and Humble Store.

From discarded drum sticks to the clang of a stone on metal. Beat The Game’s environments are littered with an array of sounds and colourful characters. So as players explore a hazy, surreal world, discovering interesting sounds. You gradually build up a library of the games samples. Crack open your sequencer and the audio of the game comes to life. Allowing players to use your samples in any combination you like. From mellow, dusty rollers, to upbeat, acid house, Beat The Game’s intuitive sequencer ensures every combination sounds good—it’s just a case of creating something that fits your mood. With a cast of warm, funny characters and a visual style that draws on classic animation, Beat The Game feels timeless, a journey about the joy of creating music.

Beat The Game will launch for Linux, Mac and Windows on September 7th. The games release will be available soon via Steam and Humble Store.

Black Mirror release date announced for Linux

black mirror release date announced for linux mac windows steam games

THQ Nordic is eager to reveal its new project: Black Mirror. Hence the Gothic horror adventure release date on November 28th, 2017. The games under development by the Bremen studio KING Art Games. Since they are known for The Book of Unwritten Tales, The Dwarves and The Raven. Which will be available on Linux, Mac, Windows, PS4 and Xbox One.

Announcement trailer to the new Black Mirror:

THQ Nordic & KING Art

“In terms of atmosphere, the outstanding feature of the Black Mirror game series. The unique atmosphere created by KING Art in the original trilogy. We have developed a new interpretation that both retains the strengths of the original games. And gives us more room to explore fresh possibilities in terms of gameplay. So that players can experience the world of Black Mirror in a more direct and free way. And not “just” in classic point-and-click style.” – Martin Kreuch, Producer at THQ Nordic.

Black Mirror is a series that is really close to my heart. And it was fantastic to be immersed in the Gothic horror genre again. The human psyche is a fascinating playground!” – Achim Heidelauf, Producer “Black Mirror” (2017), Executive Producer “Black Mirror II” (2009).

Black Mirror II” (2009) was the first big adventure KING Art worked on. And it’s fantastic to be able to create the new world of the Gordons and Black Mirror. We will be emphasising the unsettling atmosphere and the meticulous detail. Which the fans of a Black Mirror title have come to expect.” Jan Theysen, Creative Director KING Art Games.

About Black Mirror

So like the original graphic adventure trilogy. Hence the Gothic Horror genre and its unique atmosphere of madness. While also including psychological distress remains at the heart of Black Mirror.

Since the point-and-click gameplay of the original trilogy served as the basis. While the new re-imagined gameplay focuses on close-up investigation. Yet also including the interaction with nightmarish visions. Since they plague the protagonist of the game David Gordon.

Black Mirror Features

  • A modern re-imagining of the acclaimed gothic-horror adventure series
  • Interactions with vision-like apparitions which help you learn more about the past of your family
  • Eerie atmosphere focusing on the horrors of the mind, in the style of EA Poe and HP Lovecraft
  • High quality voice acting from a compelling ensemble cast

Black Mirror will available on Linux, Mac, Windows, PS4 and Xbox One. With a release date of November 28th, 2017. So visit the new website for a first impression of Black Mirror: blackmirror-game.com.

Observer releases with discount but no Linux

>observer_ new with discount but no linux mac just windows games

Already in the running for Game of the Year on many outlets’ lists. So Aspyr Media and Bloober Team work to answer a terrifying question in >observer_ release. What would you do if your fears were hacked?
While players take on the roll of Detective Daniel Lazarski. A neural detective given the authority to hack and invade suspects’ minds. Featuring cyberpunk legend Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner).
While >observer_ is a first-person psychological horror experience. The gameplay focuses on a dark, dystopian vision of the future. Developed by the creators of Layers of Fear. >observer_ is a horror experience meant for mature audiences.

Linux release:

Hey Todd, no date confirmation yet.

Since this reply comes directly from Aspyr Media. Yet I do trust in the nature of their product releases and development. Since the release for Civilization VI took longer but with a solid Linux build. So the games at least playable on Windows, or some who use Wine.

>observer_ introduces players to a frightening concept. How would it feel if your fears could be weaponized against you? Since Detective Daniel Lazarski is an “Observer”. And part of a corporate-funded, specialized police unit. Since they have full legal clearance to tap a target’s mind via neural implant. A cryptic message from your estranged son sets you on a journey to the drug-ridden Class C slums of Krakow, Poland. So you hack into the minds of criminals and victims alike. Uncovering the truth of the mysterious communique. While forced into a surreal landscape of the resident’s darkest fears.

>observer_ holds the same fantastic pacing of Layers Of Fear. While using modern themes to illustrate a society where hacking people’s nightmares is reality. The game questions the moral implications of using people’s most guarded memories as weapons. Delve into people’s most disturbing internal struggles. Finding the answers you seek. Through the games futuristic, Blade Runner-esque narrative.

>observer_ Launch Trailer:

>observer_ Features

  • Hack into the twisted minds of criminals and their victims. Traverse a surreal landscape, uncovering meaning behind imagery
  • Unique cyberpunk setting, as players find themselves in 2084 AD, Krakow, Poland
  • Genre-defining “hidden horror” gameplay in an unsettling, dark atmosphere. Emphasizing a deeper, primal terror over jump scares
  • Exercise your morality by making difficult choices in the futuristic slums. Where the law is what you make it

Since it the discount on Chrono.GG is almost over. Players who purchases >observer_ on Windows, will receive a copy of Layers of Fear. Bloober Team’s 2016 masterpiece of horror, for free. So on top of this, all players who own Layers of Fear in their Steam library. Automatically receive a 20-percent discount off the $29.99 USD purchase >observer_. This offer is valid until August 29th.

So expect to see the games Linux and Mac build in the near future.

Code 7 Episode 1 officially release with discount

code 7 officially release with discount in linux mac windows games

After numerous awards, a successful Kickstarter and the games Steam Greenlight campaign. Code 7 Episode 1 has officially released on Steam, Itch and Humble Store for Linux, Mac and Windows

While developed by German indie Goodwolf Studio. Code 7 combines hacking gameplay with a unique narrative experience. Since the MS-DOS like system will allow players to solve puzzles and uncover the story. Hence the sudden loss of communication with Humanity’s first interstellar space station.

So two agents, Sam and Alex, are sent to find out what happened. They find themselves face to face with an A.I. that threatens the whole of humanity. Therefore it is up to them to stop it. Locate the true motives of the A.I. and what Code 7 exactly is.

And when a third force enters the ring, it becomes even harder to distinguish who is a friend, who is a foe, what is the reality, and what is the truth.

Broken into multiple instalments, each episode will introduce a new character (or characters) whom Alex will have to work with, together, as a team. You will have to make important decisions that will influence their course in the story and define their relationship with you in the final episode (provided, that is, they survive…).

Depending on your choices. The games characters will think of you as a friend or an enemy. So the finale in Episode 5 will change, accordingly.

Code 7 Cinematic Trailer:

Code 7 Features:

  • Challenging puzzles that test the player’s nerve, perception and ability to decode scattered messages.
  • Code 7 is a fully voiced text adventure, with animations, music and sound effects!
  • Team up with the main characters of each episode. Talk to, navigate and protect them and in return, they will help you.
  • Important choices that determine how the finale, Episode 5, plays out.

Depending on your playstyle, each episode will have a playtime of around 4 hours. Since Episode 1 is available now for Linux, Mac and Windows.

So the entire series of episodes will cost $15.29 USD with a 10% discount until August 18th. Available now via Steam, Itch and Humble Store.

West of Loathing comedy RPG hits Steam

west of loathing comedy rpg hits steam linux mac windows games

So it’s time to go west with young stick figure. Since asymmetric’s comedy RPG West of Loathing has arrived on Steam. Due to the cross-platform release on Linux, Mac, Windows.

So the creators of the long-running cult MMORPG The Kingdom of Loathing. Bring you West of Loathing, a single-player, story-heavy, funny as hell adventure role-playing game. Since this answers the burning question: “What would Skyrim be like if you played as a bean-slinging stick figure in a ten gallon hat?”

West of Loathing Launch Trailer:

About West of Loathing
Leave your family farm and head west to find your fortune. All in this huge, humorous games inspiration of classic adventure RPG‘s. Such as Quest for Glory and Paper Mario. So West of Loathing features:

  • Sprawling open world: Traverse snake-infested gulches, punch skeletons wearing cowboy hats, grapple with demon cows, and investigate a wide variety of disgusting spittoons — nearly 100 unique locations to explore!
  • Goofy spin on good ol’ RPG gameplay: Charm your way out of trouble as a silver-tongued Snake Oiler, plumb the refried mysteries of the cosmos as a wise and subtle Beanslinger, or let your fists do the talking as a fierce Cow Puncher.
  • A “colorful” cast of stick-figure characters: Interact with dozens of NPCs and hundreds of enemies — some of whom are good, many of whom are bad, and a few of whom are ugly.
  • There is a new gag around every corner: Wordplay and dad jokes abound — along with at least one drunken horse, more than 50 hats, and liberal use of the Oxford comma.

West of Loathing breezed through Steam Greenlight in nine days. Charging toward the games August 2017 release.

West of Loathing comedy RPG is $11 USD. Now on Steam with a 10% launch discount through August 17 (sale price is $9.89) for Linux, Mac, Windows.