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Gold Rush! 2 launched on Steam

gold rush! 2 launched on steam in linux gaming news

Today in gaming news, the developers of the original Gold Rush! just launched Gold Rush! 2. Since the #game was decades in the making, this is a true 80’s video game #classic making are return. Hence this release on Steam is currently only available for Windows PC, a Linux release will follow.

So the original Gold Rush! was published in 1988. One of a series of seminal graphic #adventure games from Sierra Online. That game helped define video games history and represents a time when games were games. So playing with a joystick meant something, else.

Linux support:

“A Linux port is planned but now not 100% sure. We will see that after the PC release.”

Gold Rush! 2:

  • From the writers of the original 80’s classic and set 20 years after the original Gold Rush!
  • Completely new story and quests
  • New rendered and animated scenes throughout the game, all in full HD
  • New music throughout

About Gold Rush! 2

Gold Rush! 2 moves the story forward 20 years to 1869.

Jerrod Wilson left his home in Brooklyn, New York during the legendary Gold Rush of 1849. While in search of his brother Jake, who was forced to leave 11 years earlier. After a long adventure, Jake and Jerrod found the richest vein of gold in California’s Mother Lode. So 20 years have now past and the brothers are very wealthy. If they were to return home, their wealth would guarantee them influence and power.

Word arrives from Brooklyn that all is not good. William Tweed, a petty criminal who Jake and Jerrod know from their childhood. Hence now grown to become the head of a gang of thieves and extortionists. What’s more, he is now in the State Legislature. So members of his gang have key positions in authority, including the police. Jake and Jerrod decide to sell their mine and travel home on the newly constructed Transcontinental Railroad. The brothers have evidence that will send Tweed to prison for the rest of his life.

But Tweed has heard they are coming. Having already puts plans in place to stop them from ever returning to Brooklyn. Will the brothers make it back home? If they do, can they stop Tweed’s growing power?

Since Gold Rush! 2 has now launched on Steam for Windows PC gaming. This also includes a 15% discount until May 5th by the way. We will have more news about the coming Linux release from Sunlight Games. Since Gold Rush! Anniversary launched back in 2014 on Linux.

Rakuen adventure release date for Linux, Mac and Windows PC

rakuen adventure release date for linux, mac and windows pc in gaming news

Right now in gaming news, the new #releasedate trailer for Rakuen releases. Hence announcing the full Linux, Mac and Windows PC launch of the story-based adventure game. Created by Plants vs. Zombies composer #LauraShigihara. So Rakuen and its soundtrack will be available May 10th on Steam.

Rakuen Release Date Announcement Trailer:

About Rakuen:

Rakuen is a story-based adventure game about a little Boy who lives in the hospital. One day, the Boy asks his Mom to escort him to the fantasy world from his favorite storybook. So that he can ask the Guardian of the Forest to grant him one wish. In order to receive his wish, the Boy must complete a set of challenges. Each revolving around helping his neighbours in the hospital. Hence interacting with their alter-egos in the fantasy world.

Hence the story includes a cranky old man who guards a broken music box with his life. While complaining that he never gets any visitors. A young woman in a coma whose husband hasn’t left her side in months. Also a little girl who laments over a friend she was never able to say goodbye to after growing ill. The Boy slowly begins to realize that his neighbors are plagued by secrets and struggles. While all are mysteriously tied to the strange hospital.

Rakuen Features:

  • Heartwarming and character-rich story.
  • Unique non-combat adventure that mixes whimsical dungeons, eerie room escape puzzles. With dialogue-based mysteries that are intricately tied to the story.
  • Walk a mile in everyone’s shoes as you traverse each character’s life to learn about their unfinished business and help them through it.
  • An original soundtrack featuring multiple vocal songs that are closely tied to each character.
  • Collect items and build friendships to gradually make the hospital a better place.
  • Go on humorous quests for strange creatures in the fantasy world.

So expect to see Rakuen on the official release date of May 10th. Which is coming available via Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. While the Original 52-Track Soundtrack is available on Bandcamp for $5.

For more news and details about Rakuen gaming. Check out the official website, follow on Twitter and Facebook.

World to the West action adventure coming May 5th

world to the west action adventure coming may 5th in linux gaming news

The standalone follow-up of Teslagrad now in gaming news. Hence World to the West is an #action adventure coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC. While also a follow up to the indie hit that sold more than 1.6 million copies. All set in a vast world of blue skies and dark caves. Each awaiting the player in this 3D action #adventure. While unveiling the mysteries of an ancient prophecy.

Linux day-one support?

“We’ll be supporting Linux from day one. For development, we have used Unity.”

World to the West is a cartoony top down action adventure. All inspired by European adventure comics. While players take control of four unique characters. Each coming with their their own motivations, skills and interweaving storylines. So as they seek to escape a dark shadow of an ancient prophecy. All four, Lumina the Teslamancer, Knaus the orphan, Miss Teri the mind bender and the gloriously mustachioed strongman, Lord Clonington. So travel trough corrupt colonies, lush jungles and frozen tundras. Then creep through the secrets of a forgotten civilization.

At 0:16 into the trailer, the character punches a beast and then rides it. LMAO What!?


  • Play as four heroes, each hailing from individual nations. While possessing unique identities and abilities.
  • Explore a vibrant world filled with characters. All who have their own helpful and not-so-helpful agendas.
  • Experience seamless transitions between combat and puzzle gaming. Hence keeping the player on their toes.
  • Face your enemies head-on with brute force. Convincing them to see things your way or avoid them altogether. It’s your call.
  • Uncover secrets, more secrets and secrets inside secrets. Exploration is key to unveiling World to the West’s mysteries.
  • Set in the Teslagrad universe. While players encounter both new and familiar faces.

So World to the West is coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC via Steam. However, the reason for this news, pre-order’s are available at the Humble Store.

Pinstripe atmospheric story adventure launches for Linux

pinstripe atmospheric story adventure launches in linux gaming news

The latest #release in gaming news, Pinstripe. The emotionally charged #story adventure from #AtmosGames for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Hence a game about Hell, created entirely by a one-man over five years. Yes this even includes the music for the game.

While the player takes on the roll of Teddy. The estranged ex-minister, forced to venture through the frozen afterlife. Hence searching for Bo, his three year old daughter and her perverse kidnapper. So the player will get to discover the dark secrets of Teddy’s past. While also confronting his sleazy, demonic nemesis, Mr. Pinstripe.


  • Explore 6 hauntingly beautiful levels of Hell.
  • Listen to an immersive and unique soundtrack written by the game’s creator.
  • Use your blunderbuss to fight your way through bizarre beasts and interesting puzzles.
  • Hang out with your family pet George and sniff out clues.
  • Discover the mystery behind Teddy and Bo’s death.
  • Features a hilarious cast of professional voice actors and celebrity cameo performances!

So Atmos Games is Thomas Brush, the creator of Pinstripe. Also the award winning games Coma and Skinny. While now revealing an amazing art style, breath-taking score, and chilling story. Using influences from The Nightmare Before Christmas, Coraline, and Alice in Wonderland.

Pinstripe was successfully Kickstarted back in 2016. Hence being backed by nearly 4000 backers expecting the Linux, Mac and Windows PC release in early 2017.

Pinstripe the debut is finally available on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. So Thomas Brush is making gaming news releasing creation on time via Steam, Humble Store and GOG with a 10% discount. Yet the discount only lasts until May 1st.

ESSENCE atmospheric adventure coming to Linux

essence atmospheric adventure coming to linux on early access in gaming news

Right now in gaming news, the #firstperson #exploration adventure Essence is coming to Linux. Hence this #nonviolent made a debut on Steam Early Access last week for Mac and Windows PC.

Hence the story takes place in a world forgotten by time and space. Emerging out of the gloom and reaching out to be explored. Where player can unravel its secrets and see beneath the beautiful surface. Waiting with adventures, inspiring landscapes, the thoughts of another dimension. While also having a secret about the truth of Essence.

So players wake up with no memory, information or detail about your life. Including no details about the world you are in.
Therefore in order remember your abilities, they hidden in ancient structures. All while challenging your mind with unusual puzzles.
So wonder freely through these lands and beyond to find yourself. Discover the truth, the past and the future of places.

Linux release?

Since this all sounds all rather spiritual, developer OneVision Games ran into an issue. Hence the Linux build was delayed, “We will have a working build on Steam by next week.”

Essence Early Access Trailer:

So obviously gaming is about exploring the different worlds of Essence. All while collecting lost fragments of the world as well as discovering secret places and mysterious messages. Which also means solving puzzles and learning new abilities to take on hidden paths. So the further you go the more you interact with the world and its surroundings.

The gaming experience has a narration. While combining messages from different characters and diverse storytelling. By uncovering all these places and messages, the player uncovers an interwoven conclusion to the story.

So according to our email from OneVision Games, “Generally Essence will be launched in 3 big acts. So Steam purchases will allow you can play all 3 acts of Essence once they are available.”

Essence is full of wonder all it’s own. Available now on Steam Early Access for Mac and Windows PC. Hence the Linux release, as stated above is coming next week. We should have more news for you shortly.