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Blood classic in development with Vulkan

blood classic in development with vulkan support for linux

Blood is a fan-favorite classic adventure horror in development using Vulkan, while Linux seems to be in the wings. So we reached out to Nightdive Studios who is teaming up with the iconic game publisher Atari. Including a dedicated team of industry veterans that have a committed to restoring the classic PC game title.

Sundered: Eldritch Edition to launch this month

sundered eldritch edition to launch this month on linux mac windows

Sundered: Eldritch Edition will launch worldwide on Linux, Mac and Windows. Developer Thunder Lotus is launching the new edition on December 21, 2018. The definitive version of the chaotic hand-drawn action-adventure game. This also includes some notably enhancement to the game with local co-op.

Lucius III developer looking into support

lucius III developer looking into support

Lucius III violent adventure is coming to Windows, but the developer is looking into Linux apparently. All thanks to Shiver Games who are eager to announce the Lucius saga continues this month, launching December 13th. To accompany the announcement, Shiver includes some gameplay showing off some of the mysterious environments in the game.

Broken Reality puzzle adventure native release

broken reality puzzle adventure linux release

Broken Reality is a first-person puzzle/adventure game for Windows on Steam, but coming to Linux and Mac. All thanks to Dynamic Media Triad, an indie game development studio based in Mexico City. Who are also eager to announce the release tomorrow, November 29th. While Linux and Mac versions will follow and launch by the end of December.

Eastward adventure game native support

eastward adventure game to get linux support

Eastward is a beautifully detailed and charismatic adventure game with RPG elements for Mac and Windows, which has potential Linux support. All thanks to them Shanghai-based indie developers Pixpil on Steam.

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