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Hegis’ Grasp a violent gore adventure for Linux

hegis grasp violent gore adventure for linux mac windows games 2017

Hegis’ Grasp is a unique story-driven adventure and atmospheric survival-horror game on Steam. And since the games now available for Linux, Mac and windows. We are also keen to explore the mysterious backstory of Hegis’ curse. Which will be unravel through notes from the past. Which you find as you make your way through the village. While exploring the events you experience throughout the game or through cut-scenes.
Players take on the roll of Henry Wood. A curious news writer looking to find out what recently changed. Since this was a once peaceful village. So it will be up to you to choose how the story ends. Yet first you must uncover the secret of the curse and fight the insane natives.

Shakes & Fidget – The Adventure hits Kickstarter

shakes and fidget the adventure hits kickstarter linux ubuntu mac windows games 2017

Fans of classic point-and-click adventures don’t have much to laugh about these days. Hence the glory days of elaborate produced titles seem to be scarce on Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows. Or are they? So now with Shakes & Fidget – The Adventure, developers KING Art and Playa Games are working hard to prove otherwise.

Can large-scale adventures still be successful in 2017? Also, developers KING Art (The Book of Unwritten Tales) and Playa Games (Shakes & Fidget) have joined forces. Together, they want to develop a wonderfully wacky adventure game. A crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter will show whether there are still enough fans out there for such a project.

Inner World – The Last Wind Monk release date

The Inner World – The Last Wind Monk release date in linux ubuntu mac and windows games for 2017

Kalypso Media is eager to confirm that forthcoming adventure sequel The Inner World – The Last Wind Monk. Since the release date is set for October 24, 2017 via Steam. The games launch will be for Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows, day one.

So in just a couple of weeks, gamers will be able to dive into an enthralling and hilarious fantasy world. Since our hero Robert will attempt to save the flutenoses. Alongside the love of his life Laura and Peck, his loyal-yet-flightless pigeon companion. Fiendish puzzles, high-quality voiceover and more await in this high-stakes 2017 adventure.

Regions of Ruin 2D side-scrolling RPG releases

regions of ruin releases linux ubuntu mac windows games 2017

Regions of Ruin is a 2D pixel side-scrolling RPG with town-building. While the game releases now for Linux, Ubuntu, mac and Windows. Players will have to explore, fight and build into an open world. Since the games designed to progressively challenge you and your settlement. Threatening the extinction of the dwarven race. Currently available on both Steam and Humble Store with a 15% discount until October 12th, 2017.

Patchman vs. Red Circles release October 19th

patchman vs. red circles release Ooctober 19th in linux ubuntu mac windows games

Since the games been in the making for over three years. Hence the unknown indie dev toiling away in obscurity for Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows. BUT the first standalone episode of DON’T BE PATCHMAN is ready and coming soon to Steam.

So the Sheeple are in trouble – they’ve been enslaved by the Drones. And yet it’s all Patchman’s fault.  Now it’s up to you to redeem Patchman, rescue the Sheeple. While working to uncover the awful secret behind the Drone army. Stay out of sight, wear clever disguises, search the forest for seeds. Grow fruit and plants, tear down propaganda, awaken the Sheeple to break the control scheme. So you can power down those nasty robots. All that and more awaits in Patchman vs. Red Circles, a sneak-and-grow action/adventure game.