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Greak: Memories of Azur native build adventure

greak: memories of azur linux build adventure announced for windows pc

Greak: Memories of Azur is native build adventure for Windows PC and Linux. Thanks to a recent reply from developer Navegante Entertainment. Due to release their adventure on Steam.

Tropico 5 now officially available Linux and Mac

Tropico 5 now officially available Linux and Mac

Tropico 5 island #simulator launched on Mac and Linux platforms yesterday, September 19, after making its #debut back in May this year for PC.

The sim places players in the role of El Presidente, who is tasked with guiding the infamous island of Tropico through the centuries as the world changes and moves forward. He must also tackle the changing needs of his people, as well as opposing governments and factions, and thus lay the foundations for his own dynasty.

Despite prior word that Tropico 5 would reach the PlayStation 4 during 2014, a new announcement from publisher Kalypso Media bumps the banana republic simulation to “early 2015.” Kalyspo offers no explanation for the PlayStation 4 delay, but does note that the Xbox 360 version of Tropico 5, which has long been scheduled for a November 2014 release, has not been delayed.

In more positive news, the aforementioned message issued by Kalypso announces the launch of both Mac and SteamOS versions of Tropico 5. “Starting today, Mac & SteamOS users can now visit the island paradise of Tropico in the award-winning dictator sim,” the announcement states. Those suddenly interested in picking up a copy of Tropico 5 can find the game either on the Mac App Store or Steam.


Half Life 3: Here’s Where It's At


Half Life has an enviable fanbase and history of acclaim. It started out in 1998 when Valve brought out a shoot ‘em up fr the PC called Half-Life. This game got migrated to the Playstation, with the sequel coming out in 2004, Half Life 2. This game was a long time in development, with a couple of add-ons – Episode One and Two – with the promised Antarctic third instalment never seeing the light of day.

All the titles were hugely popular, and with games developers often shy about sequels, there was a lot of speculation about Half Life 3. We’ve heard nothing from Valve about this, but there have been a few mutterings off-stage.

Gabe Newell, head of the company, said last November that it was working on a new game engine.

He also spoke to some guys from 4chan.org, who, as well as wishing him a happy 50th birthday, were also having a good nose about upcoming games. Newell said: “We’ve been working on new engine stuff for a while, we’re just waiting for a game to roll it out with”.

He didn’t name check Half Life 3, but you do have to wonder.

In Gamescom last year, T3 found what might be evidence of Half Life 3 – a PDF taken from the game show’s website, which listed the three titles thought to be up for announcement at the event.

Half Life 3 wasn’t announced, as it happened, but there was still speculation about it being revealed at some point in the future.

One of the biggest and most believable rumours so far has come from a French games website. This site claims that Half Life 3 is actually in development, with some RPG elements thrown in, as well as a Skyrim-style open world aspect.

This source also said that the game’s development was an on-off sort of job, and the focus has been shifted about several times. A realistic launch date is 2014, and now we’re in June 2013 with no announcement, this seems to ring true.

This month we saw some “concept imagery” from Half Life 3, from another source. It may well be images from previous games, but some details do look as if they could be from a post-Half Life: Episode 2 story.

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