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New Baldur’s Gate expansion Siege of Dragonspear coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC


Developer #Beamdog #announced a new expansion Siege of Dragonspearfor fantasy #RPG game Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition in the works for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

Set between Baldur’s Gate and Baldur’s Gate 2, Siege of Dragonspear adds a new chapter to the Bhaalspawn saga. According to Beamdog, this new expansion will offer around 25 hours more gameplay, and you will also need to own Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition in order to play it.

“Though Sarevok is dead and his plan for war averted, peace eludes the citizens of Baldur’s Gate. A crusade marches from the north, seizing supplies, forcing locals into military service, and disrupting trade along the Sword Coast. A charismatic warrior known as the Shining Lady leads this army, her background shrouded in mystery. Can the rumors be true—is she, like you, the child of a god?

The closer you get to the Shining Lady, the more you realize your father, the dead Lord of Murder still casts a long shadow upon your path. Baldur’s Gate has put its faith in you, but you must determine whose interests you truly serve before you face the Shining Lady among the ruins of Dragonspear Castle…

Baldur’s Gate: Siege of Dragonspear adds a new chapter to the Bhaalspawn saga. The events occurring between Baldur’s Gate and Baldur’s Gate II are at last revealed in this 25-hour expansion pack for Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition.”

Key Features

  • Expand Your Story: Explore new areas, fight new monsters, and win new rewards in the Siege of Dragonspear expansion to Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition. Continue the adventure by exporting your game to Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition
  • The Crusade Rises: A sharp and subtle adventure that pits you against an enigmatic new foe
  • Explore the Sword Coast: Venture through vibrant new hand-painted areas in the classic style of the original Baldur’s Gate
  • Gather Your Party: The original cast returns to kick butt for goodness – along with Neera, Rasaad, Dorn, and four new additions!
  • To Infinity and Beyond: Updated UI and improved Infinity Engine features
  • Extra Class: New items, quests, and a new class: the spirit-calling shaman!
  • Venture Forth With A Friend: Functional, extensively tested cross-platform multiplayer on all supported platforms
  • Story Mode: A difficulty setting to allow players to experience all of the story with none of the Game Over screens

You can import your character or saved game from Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition into Siege of Dragonspear, then continue your adventure by exporting your Siege of Dragonspear game to Baldur’s Gate 2: Enhanced Edition.

Here is what the Baldur’s Gate: Siege of Dragonspear expansion includes:

  • 25 hours of gameplay with new areas, new monsters, and new loot
  • New areas, monsters, and treasures
  • A new foe
  • New hand-painted areas of the Sword Coast
  • Continue the story by exporting your character to Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition
  • New player soundsets that allow you to customize your hero
  • The original cast returns to kick butt for goodness — along with four new characters
  • Updated user interface and improved Infinity Engine features
  • New quests and a new class: the spirit-calling shaman
  • Original soundtrack by Mass Effect composer Sam Hulick
  • Cross-platform multiplayer on all supported platforms
  • “Story Mode” difficulty setting to allow players to experience the entire story with none of the Game Over screens

The user interface has been updated, along with a new class, the spirit-calling shaman. The multiplayer is cross-platform, the release comes with a new story mode which has as a difficulty setting that lets you play the story without seeing the Game Over screen.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Ubuntu 12+
  • CPU: Dual Core Processor
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: OpenGL 2.0 compatible
  • Hard Drive: 2.17 GB HD space
  • * Requires Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition to play

Siege of Dragonspear is due out for Linux, Mac and Windows PC on Steam and Beamdog’s website, with iOS and Android versions to follow to follow.


Beamdog’s Adventure Y will close the gap between Baldurs Gate Enhanced Edition 1 and 2


Beamdog has #announced that its latest #project, Adventure Y, will be revealed in the spring.

Adventure Y, in development using the Infinity engine, bridges the gap between Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition and Baldur’s Gate 2: Enhanced Edition, according to a blog post from the developer.

“Keep an eye on the Beamblog in late spring for announcements regarding the content and release date of Adventure Y,” reads the post. “We have an exciting release planned for this game, something bigger than we’ve ever done before.”

Information on Project: Beartrap, another title in the works at Beamdog, will be discussed in late summer.

The studio said the project is a “departure in terms of what we’ve done in the past.”

Beamdog said Baldur’s Gate 3 isn’t in the works, “we will say there’s nothing in the works yet regarding Baldur’s Gate III or a 5th edition game. That doesn’t mean the opportunity will never arise, though, so we’re preparing by starting a tabletop 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons game here in the office.” But the firm thinks about the possibility on occasion and an opportunity may arrive for it in the future.

More project details and release information on both titles in the works will be announced on the Beamblog as the year progresses.


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