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Tabletop Gods battle game looks into support

tabletop gods battle looks to support linux games

Tabletop Gods arcade action battle game releases for Windows, but Linux is in consideration. Since Ghost Fish Games, a division of Other Ocean Group, debuts the game on Steam Early Access. We have some good news about Linux support incoming.

Ignis spell casting duels coming to Steam

ignis spell casting duels coming to steam linux windows gaming

Ignis wizard duels coming to Steam gaming for Windows and hopefully Linux. Developer Deusald Studio is expecting a release in Q4 2018. So a native Linux release is being considered for a release.
So move over, battle arena games. there’s a new wizard in town. Ignis duels are shorter, faster and more intense.

Golem Gates card battling RTS and no Linux?

golem gates card battling rts coming to windows linux games 2017

The real-time strategy game that utilizes card battling mechanics with RTS gameplay. Also the games announced a March 28, 2018 launch date on Steam. The games going to be available in Early Access, December 7th, 2017. So this will include a fully functional Multiplayer Mode. This consists of 1v1 and 2v2 matchmaking. As well as custom player bouts and local AI bot matches. Also players can also try their hand at Survival Mode. Which promises endless solo and two-player cooperative gameplay. While set in both procedurally-generated and static environments. But what about Linux?

Micro Machines World Series coming to Linux

micro machines world series coming to linux and windows games

Since it looks like Micro Machines World Series will be making a Linux debut. Hence the #games been mentioned renowned #Windows porting company Virtual Programming via Twitter. combines the thrilling madness of #racing micro vehicles with epic team battle strategies, set against the extraordinary interactive backdrops of the everyday home! Grab your NERF blaster, try to avoid the jam, and unleash miniature multiplayer mayhem onto the world!

So it looks like we have a formal confirmation for Micro Machines World Series on Linux. Since the Virtual Programming have released a Twitter post about the ports. Due Mac also receiving a build as well as Linux:

Micro Machines World Series – The Thrill of the Race Trailer:

Micro Machines World Series Features:

  • LEGENDARY LOCATIONS: Featuring the iconic kitchen and pool table tracks amongst others, plus all-new locations and arenas such as the garden and workshop, Micro Machines World Series features 10 Race Tracks and 15 Battle Arenas!
  • COOL INTERACTIVE PLAY-SETS: Teleporters, catapults, giant fans, etc add even more fun and will ensure no two races are the same!
  • CUSTOMISABLE VEHICLE CAST: An array of amazing miniature vehicles, each with its own unique load-out of weapons and abilities plus a massive range of customization options!
  • CLASSIC MINIATURE RACING: Micro Machines racing for the purists, including Elimination mode! Huge variety of weapons, interactive tracks, unique skins, and kill markers to earn!
  • ALL-NEW BATTLE MODES: Up to 12 players in huge arenas, multiple modes that proves that a single takedown is just as satisfying as winning a race!
  • TEAM-PLAY: Game-changing synergies as you join together to take on the rest!
  • ONLINE & OFFLINE MULTIPLAYER: Featuring leaderboards, regular challenges/competitions, seasons, playlists, multiple divisons, etc!

So it looks like we can expect a Linux and Mac release on June 23rd. While the games Windows build will be available on June 20th. Both Steam with a 10% discount and Humble Store have pre-orders open for Micro Machines World Series right now.

Wartile tabletop-inspired RTS now available on Early Access

wartile tabletop inspired RTS available now on early access linux gaming news

Playwood Project’s medieval #tabletop-inspired #realtimestrategy #game Wartile. Now available on Steam Early Access. While only available for Windows PC for now, the graphics in the game are incredible. So the real gaming news, Playwood have put some serious time into creating the right aesthetics for the gameplay in Unreal Engine 4. Featuring stunning, highly detailed digital dioramas and innovative, for true tactical gaming.
Since Wartile takes players on a journey through intricately crafted environments. Hence leading a hoard of Viking warriors through a series of beautifully detailed battle boards. While each has their own story and lore.

“We’re thrilled to finally launch on Steam Early Access. We are confident that Wartile’s impressive digital dioramas and unique gameplay will bring something new and visually jarring to the RTS genre,” said Michael Rud Jakobsen, Founder and Creative Director of Playwood Project. “The combined effort from all the team, not to mention the initial praise and reaction from press and community news. Have all kept us going for many months and we are keen to see what players think of our efforts thus far!”


Wartile is a singleplayer and multiplayer real time tabletop gaming experience for Windows PC with a strong turn based flavor. The game replicates the feeling of playing a tabletop game but with a tactical edge and more immediate combat. Each Battle Board is an intricately realised digital diorama. Complete with tiles that allow players to strategize their tactical moves and attack in real time. Units are fully customizable with armor, weapons and new stat tokens. So players can pick up these items throughout the game by completing special challenges.
Stat tokens provide points that players can add to their characters’ stats which unlock when players level up. Available in each of the various Battle Boards in the game. Players can add a tactical slant to their close quarter and ranged combat moves by utilising cards. Hence Ability cards and Godly cards apply to their figurines, gaining more experience and by completing special Battle Board objectives. Godly cards and abilities can be put together by the player before engaging in battle or during combat. These cards can easily change the course of the fight should the odds stack against their flavour.

The most significant game news, Playwood Project plans to eventually include a wide range of detailed environments. Including Norwegian mountains, murky swamps, rocky English coastlines, dark dungeons and sweeping grasslands. Wartile also allows players to unlock and collect an array of different characters. All with different combat abilities to provide a choice of tactical gaming options before they embark on each quest.

The Linux release:

According to the games developer Playwood Project, their ultimate goal is to release a Linux and Mac version. It won’t be for the Early Access stage of the product because they don’t know what effect that will have on the current pipeline. But it’s very much on their agenda.

Wartile’s beautifully realised digital dioramas and innovative game mechanics aim to bring a wholly unique and refreshing perspective to the RTS genre. Players will be challenged to utilise their Viking figurines carefully in both ranged and hand to hand combat as they navigate each Battle Board toward their objective. Wartile will also be making an eagerly awaited appearance at EGX Rezzed in London’s Tobacco Dock in the Unreal Showcase Zone from the 30th March through to 1st April.

“Currently the game is fully playable and generally bug free with three different figurine classes and the first quarter of the story line, with associated battle boards, is playable. With the completion of the campaign battle boards, a multiplayer battle board will unlock allowing players to engage in quick matches against other random players.”

Two other games that fall in-line with Wartile are both Nyheim tabletop and Northgard – currently seeking Linux vote.

Wartile is available now on Steam Early Access priced $19.99, €19.99, £14.99. A 10% discount offer will be in place for its first week on sale, until March 24th. And obviously Linux and Mac support will arrive later, no specific release date has been set.

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