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Woodpunk bullet hell action comes to Linux

woodpunk bullet hell action comes to linux games

Woodpunk bullet hell action is now available on Linux, as well as in Windows games. Thanks to developer Meteorbyte Studios. Who also messaged on Twitter with good news. You can check it out via Steam and Humble Store.

Just Shapes and Beats releases Linux build

just shapes and beats releases linux mac games

Just Shapes and Beats is a musical bullet hell now in Linux and Mac Games. Also an IGF nominated game. All thanks to the development efforts of Berzerk Studio. Which is now available on Steam. Where you move to the awesome Beats, then die, repeatedly.

The Textorcist bullet game meets typing hell

the textorcist bullet meets typing hell in linux mac windows games

The Textorcist bullet hell and a typing games coming to Windows, Mac then Linux. Since developer MorbidWare is ready to for the release today. Available on Steam, GOG and Humble Store.

MOTHERGUNSHIP gets a support update before release

mothergunship to release soon including a linux support update

MOTHERGUNSHIP is an FPS bullet-hell is set to release on Windows next week, but not Linux. But we have some interesting feedback from developer Grip Digital regarding Linux.

Armed and Gelatinous now on Kickstarter

armed and gelatinous now on kickstarter for linux mac windows games

Armed and Gelatinous is back on Kickstarter for Linux, Mac, Windows and consoles. Since Three Flip Studios has announced a full-fledged campaign. Which is also 51% funded on Kickstarter at the time of writing. Seeking support to complete the final stages of development on the company’s 2nd title, Armed and Gelatinous.

A fan favorite from PAX Aus and PAX South. The fast-paced bullet-hell space-shooter quickly reached 50% of its $12,000 USD goal. Since the announcement of the inclusion of an online-multiplayer component that is already up and running.

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