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Humble Sakura Collection Bundle faces adventure

humble sakura collection bundle visual novel adventure on linux mac windows pc

Humble Sakura Collection Bundle is the new visual novel adventure bundle for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to Humble Bundle team along with Winged Cloud. Introducing a host of solid visual novels with great reviews on Steam.

Hide and Seek Party Pack a new bundle deal

hide and seek party pack a new bundle deal in linux mac windows pc games

Hide and Seek Party Pack Bundle releases with games for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. So you can get your hands some fine party games. Thanks to the Steam Summer Sale. What better time to save on a great deal.

Not-A-Metroidvania Bundle now on Steam

not-a-metroidvania bundle now on steam for linux mac windows

Not-A-Metroidvania Bundle is now live on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows. Since this is all about the Metroidvania. The beloved video game sub-genre. Also the very definition of which is debated in some circles with the red hot intensity of a thousand suns.

So now, four wise developers are deftly sidestepping the controversy. Unveiling the “Not-A-Metroidvania” Bundle on Steam. While offering gamers huge savings on four great action-adventure titles. Since each may or may not be of the Metroidvania ilk.

Humble War Gamez Bundle brings more games

humble war gamez bundle brings more games for linux mac windows

Humble War Gamez Bundle releases another bunch of impressive games on Windows and Mac, as well as some for Linux. Since this means a mixture of native games. Since most of the titles have a Positive rating via Steam.

Made in Norway Indiedev’s via Steam games

made in norway indiedev's via steam games for linux mac windows

Made in Norway indiedev’s get together for a Steam games discount bundle for Linux, Mac and Windows. So these are five of the most successful independent studios in Norway. Having now joined forces to release a bundle on Steam. Focused on story-driven games.

Since this includes some well-known studio’s. Such as Krillbite Studio, Snowcastle Games, Rain Games, D-Pad Studio and Red Thread Games.
Also, games in the bundle, called Made in Norway, are Among the Sleep: Enhanced Edition, Earthlock: Festival of Magic, World to the West, Owlboy and Dreamfall Chapters.

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