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Spitter DLC releases fame on Tropico 6

spitter dlc releases fame on tropico 6 game for linux mac windows pc

Spitter DLC releases fame in the Tropico 6 game on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Limbic Entertainment and strategy publisher Kalypso Media. Available now on Humble Store, GOG and Steam.

Apolune developer views on native support

apolune developer views on linux support beside windows pc

Apolune is a minimalist, endless procedural evolutionary space war for Windows PC, with prospect for Linux support. Thanks to feedback from developer Lost Astronaut Studios. Which is now available on Steam and Itch.io.

Trailmakers sandbox racing will release on Linux

trailmakers sandbox racing will release on linux mac after windows games

Trailmakers is part creative vehicle-building sandbox coming to Windows via Steam Early Access. Yet this part open-world rally expedition is also expected to make a Linux debut.

The Linux release:

“We plan on porting the game to linux, but it will probably not be until it leaves Steam Early Access.”

Trailmakers development uses Unity 3D, so a native Linux support would be a given. Yet to narrow down the development aspects, one platform gets support, Windows. And since the games not yet available on Early Access, I’m unable to confirm Wine support.

So players begin the journey in a desolate canyon on a distant planet. Therefore you have to scavenge for discarded vehicle parts. The goal is to get as far as you can. While building an build a rig and experiencing the sweet rush of freedom. Hence the acquisition of motorized transportation.

Trailmakers is about building awesome vehicles and machines. So the intuitive builder will get players up an rolling. Sort of like Besiege meets Poly Bridge. Since everything players build is from physical building blocks. Each block has unique features like shape, weight and functionality. So they can be broken off, refit for use in building something new. Individually the blocks are fairly simple, but combining the possibilities are endless.

Trailmakers Announcement Trailer:

Now, the core of Trailmakers is the builder. Which is setup to be an easy-to-use creative space. So making your construction simple, like playing with LEGO. The goal is to avoid the feel of complicated 3D-software. Making games experience feel like an accessible part of the game. And players can build anywhere in the game.

Trailmakers is set in a big world of different environments. This requires a continuous adjustment upgrade of vehicles. Such as snowy mountain tops, dry savannahs, or grassy fields. Since these places are full of hazards, challenges and wildlife. The world is also well worth exploring.

So as of this moment, Trailmakers is not yet available on Early Access. Developer Flashbulb will go into Early Access at the end of 2017. While the full release might be a year or more after that. And the linux port is something they want and plan on doing.

Android Games from Capcom and Square-Enix on Their Way … In Japan

States-side fans of video game consoles, from the first Nintendo Entertainment System to its modern successor the Wii, know what it’s like for a game that looks awesome to only come out in Japan.

At one time, for instance, there was a perception among Japanese game publishers that North American audiences didn’t have the patience for console role-playing games, and so several installments of Square-Enix’s Final Fantasy series took more than a decade to arrive in the form of remakes. Meanwhile, American dating sim fans have had to either import games or build their own, using open-source software like Ren’Py.

Japanese game publishers like Square-Enix and Capcom are starting to bring their games to Google’s open-source Android operating system now, even “name-brand” ones that have sold well on consoles like the Nintendo DS. The problem? Most of these games are only available in Japan, and will only be there for the foreseeable future. And some of them don’t even use Google’s Android Market.

Square-Enix — Final Fantasy, Chaos Rings, Chrono Trigger

According to Anoop Gantayat of Andriasang.com, Square-Enix is bringing some of its greatest console hits to Android, including a port of the iOS version of the original Final Fantasy. It’s also bringing the former iOS exclusive, Chaos Rings, to Android for the first time, along with the cult classic Chrono Trigger. A Dragon Quest game helps to round out its offerings; Crystal Defenders, a tower defense game based on the world of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, is the only title that’s currently available in North America.

Much like how Square-Enix created its own online service, PlayOnline, when it launched its first MMORPG, the company is creating its own Android marketplace to sell its games on. The market will be exclusive to Japanese cellphone carrier KDDI at first.

Capcom — Phoenix Wright

The visual novel / hidden object series about an “Ace Attorney” is seeing its first three games remastered and brought to both iOS and Android, according to Spencer of SiliconEra … at least, in Japan. No word yet on a release date or whether or not they’ll ever be brought to America, despite the objections of North American fans everywhere.

NIS — Disgaea: Netherworld

The (extremely quirky) tactics-based RPG Disgaea has already received an Android version in Japan; a microtransaction-based one where you play for free and buy items to help. According to Kotaku’s Mike Fahey, however, this one is actually coming to North America in the near future, giving fans something to look forward to.

Capcom’s Smurfs’ Village Coming To Android This Week

Beeline Interactive, Capcom’s smartphone game development subsidiary, has announced that its popular social title Smurfs’ Village will be released for Android devices later this week.

The game, which sees players building up a village for the Smurfs with visuals based on the original cartoon, was originally launched on iOS devices last November.

It quickly topped the highest grossing apps charts on iTunes, making more money than Rovio’s Angry Birds for the week and knocking it from the top of the charts.

The game is free to download, but supported by micro-transactions that allow the player to more quickly build up their village.

Smurfs’ Village is set to be released on the Android Marketplace later this week on September 28 for “select devices.”

Capcom launched its Beeline Interactive subsidiary earlier this year, due to what it described as a “particularly fast change of pace in the mobile game market.”

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