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Chapter 9: Farwell free DLC releases for Celeste

Chapter 9 Farewell free dlc releases for celeste on linux mac windows pc

Chapter 9 Farewell free DLC releases for Celeste for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Matt Makes Games Inc. Which is now live with huge discount on Steam.

Celeste a new challenging platformer hits Steam

celeste a new challenging platformer gameplay hits Steam for linux mac windows games

Celeste is a truly challenging platformer for Linux, Mac and Windows via Steam games. Which is now available for those willing to try their luck. Since gameplay pits the player into similar to 1001 Spike and Super Meat Boy.

So the style of gameplay is really quite simple. Since the setting seems like a roguelike. Also similar to a side-scrolling RPG, aka. metroidvania style of game. Yet is neither of those.

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