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BadLads city MMO coming with support

badLads city mmo game coming with support for linux windows pc

BadLads is a new city MMO game coming to Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Chemical Heads Studios. Due to release next month on Steam Early Access.

Political strategy game ReignMaker available for PC, Mac, and Linux via Steam

ReignMaker a political strategy game available for PC Mac Linux via Steam

ReignMaker, a game built around political strategy and match-3 tower defense combat from indie #developer #Frogdice, is now available via Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

Greenlit last month, ReignMaker lets players build and defend a city against would-be usurpers. It includes four culture spectrums, 10 different troop types and 50 towers spread across three continents. According to Frogdice, political decisions made throughout the game will affect the story and culture of each player’s kingdom.

“As your capital city improves, you will have access to more powerful spells, mightier elite troops, and better battlefield gear and armaments,” the game’s description reads. “Along the way you will also earn achievements, complete quests, and fill your Bestiary with enemies.”

ReignMaker is on sale for $9.99 — 33 percent off its usual $14.99 price tag — until April 23.

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Crytek wants to develop video game environments using open street map data

crytek wants to develop video game environments using open street map data

First we saw Crytek looking for Linux CryEngine 3 Programmer.  Now it seems Crytek has challenged developers to build software that can integrate open source street map data into video games in order to save development time and ease rendering of open world environments.

Though just a concept, the idea has been put forward as part of the IC Tomorrow’s Digital Innovation games contest, a programme launched by the UK Technology Strategy Board, which is offering five businesses up to £25,000 each to develop innovative digital applications and meet the objectived of five prolific technology companies, including Crytek, Sony and Google.

Crytek’s technical director of research and development Jake Turner spoke at the programme’s launch event on Thursday, challenging developers to help integrate the free map data with existing games engines such as Crytek’s Cryengine 3 Sandbox.

Turner said, “We had probably spent a year making a city in America of our games and it’s taken a year to before we could actually start to play the game and experience it, involving how big that city should be, how detailed that city should be, so one of the challenges here is ‘how can we do this instantly?'”

“Why do we have to use people to make a city when there’s consistent open source street data out there which is very detailed, it’s got buildings, lights, it’s got streets – material data. Why can’t we just press a button and instantly see that?”

The challenge Crytek is putting forward is for developers to built an app so that we can “instantly drop into any part of the world” and see, in 3D, data being streamed in from the open source street map data.

“One of the ultimate goals, we would like to start an office in the UK and be able to fly at the press of a button all the way to the office in Frankfurt, and drive around Frankfurt, or any place in the world,” Turner added.

“Aimed primarily to purpose-make these virtual worlds based on real world environments, opened instantaneously without processing , we’d be able to see it instantly streamed over the cloud.”

Turner revealed that if successful, the project could be made part of future games, where users themselves can decide which city in the world they would like to play in, simply jumping from one to another with the scenery being generated instantly for the player.

However, he did add that this is still “a very long way away”.

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IndieCity, a Digital Distribution Gaming Platform, Is Coming to Linux

IndieCity, a digital distribution platform for indie games in which the developers can create an online presence, build an audience, and distribute games, wants to expand into the Linux market.


Steam is acting like a vacuum cleaner for the Indie games developers, especially after Valve announced that their digital distribution platform would be launched on Linux.

By making such a bold move, Valve has convinced a lot of developers to make their games available for Linux, but there are other platforms out there that could promote Indie titles.

IndieCity is one of these platforms and they couldn’t have picked a better time to do it. They only lack a sufficient number of Linux game developers.

“We’ll soon be opening IndieCity up to Linux systems, so we’re on the look-out for people with Linux games and applications who’d like to be a part of the launch line-up” stated the official announcement.

They will be providing a client, and IndieCity needs beta testers to ensure that their platform will run on as many distros/architectures as possible.

Besides its interest in Linux, IndieCity is also looking for donations to keep the game developers on their online service.

“We’ve also just added a Tip Jar feature, which allows users to donate to developers if they want to. This means that even if you give your game away for free, you can still receive money for it.”

“Please note, we take 15% of this (regardless of whether or not you integrate with our achievements) to cover service fees, leaving 85% to the developer,” explained IndieCity in the same official announcement.

There were some rumors that GOG.com would also try to make their games available for Linux, but for now that’s only wishful thinking from the fans.

In any case, if you are interested in the titles promoted by IndieCity, you should check out their official website.

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