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New DLC expansion for Wizard of Legend

new dlc expansion for wizard of legend on linux mac windows

Wizard of Legend will be receiving a new DLC expansion in winter 2018 on Linux, Mac and Windows. Thanks to Contingent99 and Humble Bundle who are reager to announce the expansion, called “Sky Palace.” Which will include more enemies, new signatures, a whole new chapter, and more.

Wizard of Legend dungeon crawler release date

wizard of legend dungeon crawler dungeon cralwer release date for linux ubuntu mac and windows games

Wizard of Legend release date is just around the corner for Linux, Mac and Windows. A fast-paced dungeon crawler coming on May 15th.

While gameplay includes a strong emphasis on dynamic magical combat. So things like quick movement and even quicker use of spells. Allowing you to chain spells together. And also unleash devastating combinations against your enemies.

Wizard Of Legend dungeon crawler announced

wizard of legend dungeon crawler announced for linux ubuntu mac and windows games 2018

Wizard of Legend is a fast paced dungeon crawler. The games announced for Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows. Which also comes with rogue-like elements too. Where the player assumes the role of a powerful wizard. Since you’re set on the intent of overcoming the Chaos Trials. Trying to become the next Wizard of Legend.

Wizard of Legend dungeon crawler hits Kickstarter


Wizard of Legend is a new fast paced 2D dungeon crawler seeking #funding on Kickstarter. The game is being developed by Contingent99, a two-man #indiestudio, and they are looking to #release on Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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