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Day of Infamy Announces Steam Free Weekend

day of infamy announces steam free weekend for linux mac windows games

Day of Infamy now has a Steam Free Weekend for Linux, Mac and Windows. Along with a significant discount for the weekend as well.

So now, after 2.7 Billion rounds fired in 4.8 million matches. With over 236 million kills. Day of Infamy is looking for new recruits with its Steam Free Weekend.

Day of Infamy celebrates First Birthday with Sale

day of infamy celebrates first birthday with sale in linux mac windows games

Day of Infamy celebrates the First Birthday with Sale for Linux, Mac and Windows. Since this is a hardcore WWII shooter, celebrates the toll of battle. So this is just in time, since firing a total of 2.7 billion rounds. All while players go head to head in 4.8 million matches. Totalling over 236 million kills.

Day of Infamy Free Flak Tower Update launches

day of infamy free flak tower update launches in linux mac windows games on steam

Day of Infamy free Flak Tower content update launches on Linux, Mac and Windows. The games also part of a Steam flash sale for $4.99 USD, that’s a 75% discount.

After countless hours of waging war in the fields and streets of Europe. Day of Infamy, the hardcore WWII shooter from the creators of Insurgency, is bringing the fight indoors. With the latest content release featuring Germany’s heavily-fortified flak towers.

Day of Infamy getting Free Weekend and Update

day of infamy getting free weekend and update linux ubuntu mac windows games 2017

Since there have are over a billion shots fired. Including 7 million objectives captured and 50 million player deaths. The largest war of all time continues to rage on. Available across Linux, Ubuntu, Mac, Windows. Day of Infamy, the hardcore WWII shooter from the creators of Insurgency. Now on the hunt for new recruits to join over 275,000 existing players. Since we there will be a battlefield full of players during their upcoming Steam Free Weekend.

Day of Infamy gets Free Dunkirk Update (Linux)

day of infamy gets gets free dunkirk update in linux mac windows games on steam

Since New World Interactive has a big update for their WWII shooter, #DayofInfamy. So right now, just in time for the movie “Dunkirk”. Having sold more than 200,000 copies to date. This is the #games second free update for Linux, Mac and #Windows. Since this includes two brand new maps – one directly inspired by the movie. While featuring the evacuation of Dunkirk and battle of Breville.

Day of Infamy: Dunkirk Update Trailer:

“Our Dunkirk map offers a unique gameplay perspective by inverting the flow of battle. So it ends on the beach instead of starting there,” explains creative director Andrew Spearin.

“The Miracle of Dunkirk” was one of the biggest turning points of WWII. With the fate of the Allied forces hanging in the balance. A flotilla of civilian crafts helped evacuate 338,226 troops. They were cut off and surrounded on the beach of Dunkirk, France.

The update also includes another new map that focuses around the Battle of Breville. Since paratroopers from the British 6th Airborne Division successfully liberated the small village of Bréville-les-Monts in France. Just days after D-Day. So the battle was dubbed “one of the most important battles of the invasion”.

“The Breville map highlights our new foliage system while the gameplay is highly intense from extensive testing in collaboration with our community,” says Spearin.

The free Day of Infamy Dunkirk Update includes:

  • New Map: Dunkirk – The Wehrmacht push back the Commonwealth forces to the beaches as they capture the town.
  • Next New Map: Breville – Allied soldiers attempt to capture this sunny French town during the invasion of Normandy.
  • A new foliage system – Grassy fields add an immersive layer of concealment to many of Day of Infamy’s maps, improving the graphic fidelity of the Source engine.

The launch will coincide with a Twitch livestream on New World’s Twitch channel. New World has been refining both maps with the games community on the stream over the last month. So footage of those tests is available on New World Interactive’s YouTube account.

So right now Day of Infamy is updated via Steam at full price. Yet Humble Store has an epic 45% discount, priced at $10.99 USD. Available with a Steam code for Linux, Mac and Windows.

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