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Upcoming first person shooter 'Crossing The Line' will use Crytek's CryEngine

“Crossing the Line” will #launch for the PC, Linux and the possibility of expansion into other #platforms in the future.

Zomboko Entertainment, a one-man indie game #development studio, is in the process of creating a “mystical first-person shooter about a man who begins to with evil in order to rescue his beloved.” Entitled “Crossing the Line,” the debut will utilize Frankfurt, Germany-based Crytek’s CryEngine. Crytek is the developer behind 2013’s “Ryse: Son of Rome” and the “Crysis” series.

The plot details were given on the developer’s site.

As a result of the terrorist attack that resulted in the death of many people, at that time the wife of the head of the investigation department of the police died. After this situation, he was dismissed, and this case was closed for unknown reasons. A few years later, he started to see a lot of strange dreams, and in one of which he sees the death of his wife and hears her cries for help. Realizing that no one would believe him, he decides to investigate the matter alone and save his beloved in the after world.

Though the plot runs somewhere along the lines of 2010’s “Dante’s Inferno” and 2011’s “Shadows of the Damned,” we’re intrigued nonetheless. The title is set to launch on the PC, Linux, Xbox One and PS4.

Check out the screenshots below. Though the images don’t show any characters, the graphics are pretty impressive for a debut game from an indie company.

Screenshot from “Crossing the Line.”  Courtesy/Zomboko Entertainment

“Crossing the Line” screenshot.  Courtesy/Zomboko Entertainment

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Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon coming to Android, PC, Mac, Linux, and iOS

Spider Rite of the Shrouded Moon will be available for Android, PC, Mac, Linux, iOS

Five years ago, Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor became an instant classic in the #iPhone games library. The moody, wordless experience turned players into multi-legged predators wending their way into creepy environments and a foreboding meta-story. That game’s #sequel Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moonwill not just be debuting on iOS; it will be on Android, PC, Mac and Linux. It might even show up on #consoles. And when Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon comes out, it will be pulling in the real world with it.

Tiger Style Games have turned out some of the best-looking, best-feeling titles for mobile games. After they turned out a HD version of Spider for iPad, the devs at the indie studio released the cooler-than-it-sounds action/gardening game Waking Mars. Now they are doing their first sequel, introducing real-world weather and location conditions into the environments of Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon. So if you’re playing on your Android phone at night, different insects will show up for you to feast on. Or, if it’s raining outside your window, there’ll be raindrops falling inside the game as well. Randy Smith and David Kalina reveal details and give you a first look at the game in action.

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New indie label Phoenix Online Studios with four story-based games under development

Phoenix Online Studios is debuting a new indie game #publishing label today that will release four new #story-based games. Among its titles is Moebius: Empire Rising, a new game from Jane Jensen, the creator of the Gabriel Knight point-and-click adventure series.

Quest for Infamy

The label, #PhoenixOnlinePublishing, is headed by former game journalist Scott Steinberg. It will focus on story-based games in a variety of genres.

Jensen, who runs the new Kickstarter-funded game studio Pinkerton Road, is working on Moebius: Empire Rising for the PC, Mac, and Linux. The title is scheduled to debut on April 15. It is the first in an all-new series of paranormal mystery adventures from Jensen. Players will step into the shoes of Malachi Rector, a brilliant antiques dealer and historian who can figure out interactive puzzles.

Phoenix Online Publishing says, “Players will learn a startling truth about space and time in this metaphysical thriller: Our actions are but a single thread in a larger pattern of life and history, and it’s up to you to stop others from pulling their strings.”

Steinberg believes that games like BioShock Infinite and The Last of Us — two of the major blockbuster titles of 2013 — show that storytelling in games is back, and that it will happen on both mobile and desktop devices. He also sees a rebirth of adventure games and a rising number of game development stars heading toward mobile. There’s also a big retro movement among older gamers.

All of these themes are reflected in Phoenix Online Publishing’s initial lineup.

Quest for Infamy is a role-playing title for the PC, Mac, and Linux. The game from developer Infamous Quests is a humor-filled fantasy epic that resembles a classic PC RPG. It will debut in the second or third quarter of 2014 on PC and Mac.

The Last Door: The Collector’s Edition will debut in the second quarter on PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. The title, set in Victorian England, is a high-suspense horror adventure with ancient manors and twisting underground warrens. Its developer is The Game Kitchen.

And Icarus Studios’ Lost Civilization will debut on April 15 on PC and Mac and in the second quarter on iOS and Android. In this title, the player has to rescue a kidnapped fiancé. Amateur archaeologist Suzanne has to journey from the dark corners of Prague to the forgotten places of the Mayan civilization, solving puzzles along the way and unraveling ancient secrets.

The label plans to publish games on both retail and digital platforms.

“Every game and game developer has a story waiting to be told … stories [that are] our distinct pleasure to help creators tell by partnering with leading indies to successfully launch games across all genres and platforms globally,” said Steinberg in a statement. “By shining the spotlight on independent game developers and providing the full range of business management, marketing, and promotional services they need to support their creative vision, we’re proud to provide studios a lasting foundation for success and bring players the deeper, richer, and more engaging game experiences that they crave.”

Phoenix Online Studios is the publisher of Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller and The Silver Lining.

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Introducing The Humble Store with Massive Daily Discounts

Humble Bundle Team have done something crazy, they created a store with massive discounts on games. Udder madness. Even more interesting, the sales run on a 24hr basis. So it’s an “act now” deal.  And we kindly urge you to spread the word.

So, be the first to pick up great games at great prices in our HumbleStore Debut Sale!


  • Don’t Starve
  • Prison Architect
  • Rogue Legacy
  • Euro Truck Simulator 2
  • Natural Selection II
  • The Swapper
  • Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
  • Orcs Must Die! 2
  • Gunpoint

All available at 50-75% off for the next 24 hours. 

Look for new games and deals every day during The Humble Store Debut Sale!

NOTE: Not all games have Linux support, so click on the desired Platform at the bottom left and see what is available.

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