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Humble Saint’s Row Bundle launches (Linux)

humble saint's row bundle launches linux mac windows pc games

Since Deep Silver are back, the #HumbleSaintsRowBundle launches. While this mix of #games does includes Linux, #Windows and some Mac. This bundle of games offers a ridiculous amount of DLC. So for Linux, grab Saints Row IV: Game of the Century Edition, Homefront: The Revolution (coming soon) and the rest of the Saints Row series.
So to be completely fair, this is the better chance to pick up Homefront: The Revolution. Since the $15 tier offers a healthy selection of native gaming.

Pay what you want for games that normally cost $266 in total. Yet the Humble Bundle team let you choose the price. Although, I’m a bit partial to that $15 tier.

Plus, more games will be added to your bundle in the second week!

What’s in the Humble Saint’s Row Bundle?

humble saint's row bundle of games launches linux mac windows pc

  • TIER 1: Pay $1 or more to get Risen 3: Titan Lords Complete Edition, Deadlight: Director’s Cut, Homefront and Saints Row 2 (Linux, Windows)
  • TIER 2 (almost all Linux): Beat the average price and also get Saints Row: The Third, Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell, Mighty No. 9, Killer is Dead – Nightmare Edition plus more games to be unlocked next week
  • TIER 3 (mostly all Linux): Top tier will cost you $15 but you get all the games from the previous tiers, plus Homefront®: The Revolution Standard Edition, Saints Row IV: Game of the Century Edition, Saints Row: The Third – The Full Package and Saint’s Row: Gat Out of Hell – Devil’s Workshop Pack

So all game keys are available to redeem on Steam. Since all of the games in this bundle are available for Windows. With some Linux too, including seven out of the thirteen titles. While Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third are included DRM-free for Windows. Which might be a big deal if you like playing games in Wine. Or just beat the average and get into some Might No. 9 gameplay, if you do not own it.

As per usually Humble Saint’s Row Bundle launches with charity support. So you choose where the money goes. Whether between the publisher/developers and the Lions Club Reutte Ausserfern Tirol via the Tides Foundation. Therefore , if you like the bundle or like what they do, leave a Humble Tip too.

So go on and get Humble Saint’s Row Bundle available now for Linux, Mac and Windows.

Metro Exodus story-driven survival FPS reveal

metro exodus story-driven survival fps reveal linux mac windows games

Just recently we seen the Metro Exodus reveal. Hence the epic, story-driven first person shooter from 4A Games. Which is simply just a reveal, since the games is coming to Windows, PS4 and Xbox One. And while the games details still blend deadly combat and stealth. Yet also include exploration and survival horror elements. All rolled into one of the most immersive game worlds ever created. So this is not a Linux confirmation, it’s too early yet.

Saints Row 4 finally gets Workshop support on Steam

saints row 4 finally gets Workshop support on steam

Now, three years after #release, Saints Row 4 finally has full #mod #support. Steam Workshop support included in the game, hence the work of Volition. Enabling players to develop, create and install mods easier.

Players can expect various weapons to be part of the game now. Wardrobe and other user-generated whatnots. The most popular mod in Saints Row 4‘s release was a Flamethrower Guitar. Members of the Steam community reacted with excitement to the new addition.

“There were many challenges in implementing Steam Workshop functionality. Since the game is not originally setup to support modding. It was all a labor of love for our fans. And it’s incredibly exciting to see the crazy content players can create.
Saints Row 4 is on sale on Steam at a 75 percent off this week until November, 29th. Saints Row 4  is currently $3.74, and the Game of the Century edition is on sale for $4.99.” Hence Deep Silver announced via Steam.

While Steam Workshop support is only available for the Windows PC version. Volition says it is looking forward to announce the system for Linux soon. Both “Saints Row 4” and “Saints Row: Get out of Hell”, announced the release in 2015 for Linux and SteamOS.

Saints Row 4 on Linux, whether from low to high settings is very smooth. Everyone should be able to play the game easily given the system requirements; in fact, AMD even has support. A very solid FPS, despite some cut scenes having lower frame rate. Still, the gameplay is fantastic at 1080p.


Homefront The Revolution – SteamDB updates

homefront the revolution shows linux update on steamdb

Homefront The Revolution shows #signs of a Linux focused update on SteamDB, now with a #launch configuration?

So we know there are some significant changes coming about for Cryengine that would certainly impact the release. So this might be a tad pre-mature to say, but it looks like the launch could be sooner than expected. There is also another SteamDB page that caught out attention, showing progress with more focus being outlined towards a Linux version. This is not a full out confirmation, details do support a significant update in detail

Homefront The Revolution still doesn’t have great reviews, even after the recent the Voice of Freedom DLC release. Obviously people are still playing the game, seeing there is some positive feedback. And even better, updates and patches have been concurrent, etc.

Homefront is an open-world first person shooter, where players must lead a Resistance movement in guerrilla warfare against a powerful military force.
Everything takes place in a living, breathing, open world that responds to your actions. Where the Resistance Cell can inspire a rebellion on the streets and turn Occupation into Revolution, as civilians rally up to fight.

The enemy has the advantage, a super power with the proper technology, firepower, heavy armour and air support. Players must learn the art of guerrilla warfare in order to ambush, sabotage, infiltration, deception. Then fight a running battle through the war-torn suburbs of Philadelphia.

And the singleplayer campaign is just the start. In Co-Op players and friends can form their own Resistance Cell and become renowned Heroes of the Revolution.

When the Homefront launches, we will definitely be getting into some gameplay. Having already played the original Homefront back in 2011, the challenge to be less critical will be at hand. The missing multiplayer mode is a significant change. However the co-op experience should render more favourable gameplay over all.


Kingdom Come: Deliverance publishing deal

kingdom come: deliverance signs with deep silver

Developer #WarhorseStudios signs #publishing #deal with Deep Silver for Kingdom Come: Deliverance. This comes after news of the delay until 2017, but the developer may have just turned the corner for the better.

“We at Warhorse Studios are happy to announce a collaboration with Deep Silver, the publishing label of Koch Media, to publish Kingdom Come: Deliverance,” the developer outlines in a statement. “Co-publishing combines the core strength of both companies. While Koch Media will use its worldwide distribution channels and partnerships to achieve best retail results, we stand behind the vision of Kingdom Come: Deliverance and retain freedom in the development of our game. We will keep our communication as open and honest as we did from day one of our Kickstarter campaign.”

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a single-player medieval RPG taking place in a world without fantasy elements. Warhorse Studios launched a very successful Kickstarter campaign back in 2014 for the project, bringing in £1,106,371 from 35,384 backers. Since that point the game has made headlines for the impressive list of features and more particularly around melee combat system across Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

Securing a publishing deal with Deep Silver may be a good sign that Kingdom Come: Deliverance will meet the launch window sometime in 2017.


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