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Defend The Keep new action strategy launches

defend the keep new action strategy launches in linux and windows pc games

Defend The Keep the new fast paced action strategy launches in Linux and Windows PC games. Thanks to developer Vanille Games. Available now on Humble Store, Steam and Itch.io.

Defend the keep native build and the release

defend the keep linux build and the games release for windows pc

Defend the keep looks like it will have a Linux build beside the games Windows PC release. Thanks to the continuing effort of Vanille Games. Along with the coming release on Steam and Itch.io.

Defend the keep fast paced strategy native port

defend the keep fast paced strategy games linux port windows pc

Defend the keep is a new fast paced strategy coming Windows PC, we have news about the Linux port. Thanks to Vanille Games who are releasing their debut game. Which is coming to both Steam and Itch. io on July 16th.

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