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Descent testing with players before release

descent testing with players before release on linux mac windows

Descent developers are now testing with players before release on Linux, Mac and Windows. Descendent Studios independent developers of the Kickstarter-backed Descent franchise. Also announced plans to release in 2019. Descendent “went dark” last fall to focus on completing an expanded single-player campaign with funding from Little Orbit.

Overload very much available on Steam for Linux

overload release available on steam in linux gaming news

The day has finally come in gaming news, Overload is available on Steam for Linux. As a result of this #sixdegreeoffreedom #shooter’s success on Kickstarter. So do note, these the creators of Descent, not to be confused with Descent: Underground. Since the #game is currently under development it’s a pleasure to see a native Linux build in the mix. Marking a strong first Early Access release, despite already achieving suggest via the playable teaser.

Since Early Access release is a fully-playable game. There will be several Challenge Mode levels available. Along with a sample singleplayer level.

Early Access Features:

  • 4 unique Challenge Mode levels
  • Infinite and Countdown variants that change the focus to Survival or Efficiency
  • Optional training level for refining your piloting skills
  • One sample singleplayer level (not part of the main campaign)
  • 12 explosive weapons (7 primary weapons and 5 missile)
  • 10 terrifying robot enemies
  • Intense action in 6­-degrees­-of­-freedom

Singleplayer Features:

  • 15 level single­-player campaign filled with explosive combat and exploration
  • Breath-­taking graphics and spectacular sound
  • More than a dozen sinister robot types and 3 massive bosses
  • 12 upgradeable weapons
  • Fully customizable joystick, gamepad, mouse and keyboard controls
  • Multiplayer expansion FREE with purchase of full game

According to the Early Access page:

“Most of the core gameplay is present in the Early Access release. The bulk of the remaining work is on content — more levels and robots and a few more weapons — as well as tasks like tuning, polish, and localization. Much of the content updates in Early Access will focus on Challenge Mode, while about a third of the single-player campaign levels will be revealed before launch.”

So Overload is in development by Revival Productions. While actually owned by Mike Kulas and Matt Toschlog. Hence the founders of the original Descent, developer Parallax Software.  “Matt and I have talked for years about doing an updated 6DOF game,” said Mike Kulas. “The pieces fell in place a couple years ago and we started on Overload.”
Matt Toschlog added, “It’s been great working with old friends and colleagues on a project that’s so close to our hearts.”

Since Overload is being designed by renowned indie developer Luke Schneider. Who also happens to be the lead level designer on Descent 3 before founding Radiangames (Inferno 2, Super Crossfighter, Slydris).  So according to Mr. Schneider, “I got into game development because of Descent, so it’s been awesome to create a new 6DOF game for the 21st century.”

There you have it, Overload is making gaming news, now available on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

Descent: Underground hits Kickstarter goal and will coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC

Descent: Underground hits Kickstarter goal on Linux, Mac and Windows games

Eric “Wingman” Peterson and the people of #DescendentStudios have# successfully #crowdfunded the shooter Descent. Close out with over $600,000 receiving its funding, allowing the team to get to work on the title for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

The campaign initially launched with a solid start, pledges slowed over the last week, then backers donated more than $200,000 of the $600,000 goal in the past four days. Of that, $70,000 of donations coming in on one day, the campaign’s final day. Then, with about two hours left, the donation mark stood at just a bit over $602,000.

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