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The Church in the Darkness has a new narrated gameplay video the designer

the church in the darkness designer releases narrated video

Join designer #RichardRouse as he guides you through The Church in the Darkness, the #upcoming action-infiltration #game that delves into the cults and radical movements of the 1970’s as the player attempts to locate your nephew in the isolated confines of Freedom Town.

Watch the gameplay video with commentary from designer Richard Rouse:

Persecuted for their radical beliefs, Rebecca and Isaac Walker have lead their people into the jungles of South America, including your nephew Alex. As former law enforcement officer Vic, you infiltrate the commune, but life in Freedom Town may not be what it seems. Every playthrough offers a unique version of Freedom Town with a different objectives, character personalities, and a shifting narrative told through investigation, observation, and action.

Come see Richard along with The Church in the Darkness voice-actors Ellen McLain and John Patrick Lowrie (a.k.a. GLaDOS and the Team Fortress 2 Sniper) for “The Dark Art of Video Game Voice Acting Revealed!” on Saturday, 2pm in the Sasquatch Theatre. Ellen and John will also be at the booth (#7009) for meet & greets on Saturday, 11:30-12:30, and Sunday 3:00-4:00pm.

The Church in the Darkness is developed in Unity and coming to Mac, Windows PC, with potential Linux in tow in 2017. Right now the developers are focused on the current supported platforms but “Linux is a possibility”. Up vote native Linux support on the Steam Discussion.

For more information, follow @churchdarkness on Twitter, Facebook, and the official website.


Senior game designer for The Witcher 3 would rather play on PC over concole


The Witcher 3 designer Damien Monnier of studio CD Projekt Red, one of the #biggest game #releases of 2015, recently answered #questions about the upcoming title on Twitter. One fan even asked if they should play on a PC that only just meets the minimum specifications or on an Xbox One. Monnier’s responded PC, noting the Xbox One release will only render 900 horizontal lines of resolution where the Windows PC and PlayStation 4 versions have 1,080.

This led several Xbox One owners to ask Monnier if the studio would try to get The Witcher 3 up to 1080p on Microsoft’s box after it updates the system’s development kit to take advantage of DirectX12. This is the programming interface that enables games to talk to the GPU, and Microsoft is promising a significant improvement to things like framerate for games that take advantage of DX12. But Monnier was not optimistic that this will make enough of a difference.

When a developer flat out says the resolution is the reason he’d pick one version over the other, this will likely factor into the decision-making process of people wondering which version to buy.  Couple that with the recent Futuremark details providing 3DMark results in favour of those interested in Steam Machines and it looks like the Microsofts console will be taking even more of a hit amongst gamers.

The results are readily apparent. Of the 17 Steam Machines which have their specifications already announced, only three rate above an 8.0 on Futuremark’s “Value” index. Meanwhile, ten rate at a 7.0 or below. The highest rated Steam Machine, and the only one above a 9.0, is Syber’s Steam Machine K. The $999 box runs an Intel Core i5-4690K with a GeForce GTX 970, putting it as the fourth most powerful Steam Machine on the list as well — according to its 3D Mark rating.

Damien Monnier made no mention of gaming on Linux, but we keeping hopes up that CD Projekt Red will relinquish gameplay performance expectations for the platform soon.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is less than two months away now, with a scheduled release of May 19 on Linux, Mac, Windows PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


Europa Universalis 4 expansion El Dorado will release in February for Linux, Mac and Windows PC


Now #Paradox Development Studio brings the #adventure and politics of the Spanish conquest to life with the #ElDorado expansion for Europa Universalis IV.

Play as the Aztecs, you will need to “subject the Mexican plain to your rule” but make sure you have enough vassal kings to sacrifice or the gods will get very angry with you.

As the European faction, you will need trek the Amazon jungle in order to lay rumors of the lost city of gold – El Dorado – to rest. The Pope will also use his hand to divide the New World among the “squabbling empires.”

The centerpiece of El Dorado is the Nation Designer, a tool that let’s you customize your starting nation in a campaign. Choose your starting capital and neighboring provinces, modify your starting culture and leader and then lead this new nation to new and original heights of glory. The infinite replayability of EU4 has just gotten even more infinite, if that’s possible (the company mathematician is still on holiday).

This expansion’s historical focus on the Central American and South American theaters of exploration will challenge you with new decisions worthy of a king or conqueror. As the Aztecs, subject the Mexican plain to your rule but make sure you have enough vassal kings to sacrifice to your angry gods. As the Europeans, push deeper into the jungles of the Amazon, following rumors of lost cities and magical fountains. Defer to the Pope as he intervenes to divide the New World among squabbling empires.

You can choose your “neighboring provinces, modify your starting culture and leader and then lead this new nation to new and original heights of glory.”

El Dorado Features include:

  • A deep Nation Designer gives you new starting options for your games, including national ideas and custom monarchs
  • Experience the new Nahuatl, Inti and Mayan religions with blood sacrifices or Sun Worship
  • Send your conquistadors to hunt for the Seven Cities of Gold, or your explorer on exploration missions around the world
  • Gold Fleets can traffic New World wealth back to Europe, and be targeted by your privateer fleets
  • Use your trade fleets to hunt dangerous pirates
  • Maintain good relations with the Pope so you can get a corner of the world to call your own in the Treaty of Tordesillas

Europa Universalis 4: El Dorado will be available on Linux, Mac and PC next month.


The Long Dark gains Elder Scrolls designer experience

The Long Dark gains Elder Scrolls designer experience

Ken Rolston, lead designer of Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind and ES4: Oblivion, has partnered with Hinterland Games for The Long Dark, the studio’s first-person, apocalyptic #survival #simulator. Rolston’s high-profile credentials add to Hinterland’s portfolio of experience, which includes Far Cry 3 Narrative Director Raphael van Lierop, lead writer for the PS3 God of War trilogy, Marianne Krawczyk, and Sascha Dikiciyan, who scored Mass Effect 3 and Borderlands 2.

Regarding whether Rolston will remain with Turbine, the team he joined one year ago as its director of design, Turbine has shared a statement with our friends at Massively: “We don’t normally comment on personnel issues, and we definitely can’t comment on work Ken is doing for other studios, but I can confirm that he continues to consult for us.”

Fans won’t have to wait much longer to test their aptitude at surviving the frozen wilderness – The Long Dark‘s Sandbox mode will welcome Early Access patrons into the cold on September 22, though beta members began reducing themselves to snowy corpses a few weeks ago.

'Affinity' System Explained for Civilization: Beyond Earth's development

Civilization: Beyond Earth co-Lead #Designer Will Miller recently met up with io9 to talk about the game’s #development and content. Within the interview, they engaged in topics about the game’s science fiction influences (io9 is a scifi-themed website, after all) and where it diverges from the tried and true #Civilization formula. 

According to Miller, the team behind the game “devoured” every scifi novel and movie they could find.

“We read all the classics: Asimov, Bradbury, Sagan, Arthur C. Clarke just to name some. The themes and narrative you’ll experience are definitely inspired by these works and we want people to know that,” said Miller. “Fans of scifi will definitely pick up on our inspirations just by playing the game. We see Beyond Earth as telling a story of redemption, discovery, as well as giant robots. The game has been designed to be a love letter to the sci-fi genre.”

Questioned as to whether the game would contain references to these scifi epics, Miller responded with an affirmative yes. “The game is filled with references to our favorite sci-fi books and movies,“ he said.

He pointed out how the game’s fiction references Dan Simmons’ Hyperion Cantos, Carl Sagan’s Contact, and is even set to feature giant siege worms straight out of Frank Herbert’s Dune

Beyond talking about the game’s scifi influences, Miller also revealed one aspect of the game new to the series called Affinities. This system of Affinities represents “holistic post-human trajectories which encompass your civilization’s faith and beliefs as well as its technologies, cultural identity, and morphology.” It’s a bit like religion in Civlization 5, but bigger than that.

“The decisions you make regarding your civilization’s Affinity have wide-spread effects on all of the game’s other systems, and color your entire playthrough,” he said. 

Likewise, the game’s Diplomacy systems have also evolved.  

“Favors are a seemingly small addition that can have a huge impact on your game. Stock up on favors and even the weakest leader can tell the powerful factions what to do. Affinities also play a big role in the diplomacy of every game. Each leader will decide, depending on their current situation, which Affinity to pursue. This will obviously change in every game because there’s an infinite amount of changes every time you load up a new map. Leaders who may naturally oppose each other, could become strong allies due to their Affinities being aligned and vice versa.”

Civilization: Beyond Earth is slated for a fall 2014 release on the Linux, Mac and Windows PC. 

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