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Rolling in the Reef dice-driven strategy releases this week

rolling in the reef dice-driven strategy releases this week for linux mac windows

Rolling in the Reef is a dice-driven strategy game that releases this week on Linux, Mac and Windows. So the full launch will be available on Steam Friday, July 13th.

Nyheim tabletop card strategy officially launches on Steam

nyheim card strategy launches on steam in linux mac pc

Since Nyheim presents of digital card strategy gaming meets #tabletop. Hence this is one of those games that grabs attention in a mild manner. Hence now #released on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. While making this the alternative with “about 20-40 minute #games and uses only a single device. Also a perfect secondary activity for a long drive or a boring movie with friends.”

A lethal pandemic swept through the globe, mutating vermin into an aggressive menace and threatening to snuff out the light of humanity. Now my children, the survivors of the disease are rising back up, unwilling to let me become a hollow shell on the coast.” – The city of Nyheim

Nyheim is a game of risk management and rolling dice. In Nyheim you will gather a group of survivors, each contributing one or more eight-sided dice to the party. When you rest or explore in a location, you roll the dice and attempt to get the results that cards in the location require. Food, items and skills will grant you rerolls and ways to manipulate the dice, while injuries, threats and hardships will reroll them when you don’t want to or remove them altogether!

Nyheim card strategy Features:

  • An intuitive and fast dice-based resolution system
  • Strategic balancing between handling crises and goals
  • Random generation and multiple endings providing replayability
  • A positive attitude of rebuilding, working together as a society

Your ultimate goal is to survive through the winter, gather enough population, or rebuild Nyheim‘s hydroelectric dam. Crises, threats and ever-looming threat of starvation will make the road to victory harsh and unforgiving.

Nyheim is available now on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. While also releasing with a 10% discount until February 7th.

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DeathFire: Ruins of Nethermore to be Released in December 2014

DeathFire: Ruins of Nethermore Release Date

DeathFire: Ruins of Nethermore with #DICE+ integration is the only PC game to bridge the gap between that of modern technology and tabletop traditions. DeathFire: Ruins of Nethermore is a party-based #RPG set to release in December 2014 for Windows, Mac, and #Linux . Read on to learn more.

From the Press Release
Video games have drawn inspiration from the realm of pen-and-paper roleplaying games for decades, but one crucial element has been missing; the die. With the integration of DICE+, DeathFire: Ruins of Nethermore becomes the first (and only, for now) PC game to bridge the gap between modern technology and tabletop traditions.

“DICE+ was created to make people play together with their friends and family members on iOS and Android tablets,” said David Gatti of Game Technologies. “This will be our first venture into a category of hardcore games, but the developers of DeathFire: Ruins of Nethermore truly love DICE+. Together with Guido Henkel we will try to explore entirely new possibilities for DICE+ in a PC setting.”

Roleplaying video games already emulate the settings and stories and mechanics of their pen-and-paper brethren, but they have yet to recreate the tension and excitement of letting fate roll across the table. With the potential to use DICE+ for everything from character-creation to savings throws, DeathFire: Ruins of Nethermore aims to add a familiar, yet wholly new level of player-interaction to roleplaying video games.

From Game Technologies, DICE+ is the digital board game controller that brings physical and social interaction back to digital gaming. Easily synced to devices via Bluetooth, DICE+ uses state-of-the-art technology to enhance compatible games while recalling traditional gaming experiences. DICE+ is available to order direct for $39.99, bundled with six games for iPad and Android tablets.

DeathFire: Ruins of Nethermore is a party-based RPG for Windows, Mac, and Linux that recalls the Golden Era of fantasy RPGs with turn-based combat and complex characterization. By utilizing hidden character-attributes and a game engine that tracks players’ behaviors, every journey is a uniquely personal experience. Spearheaded by Guido Henkel (Realms of Arkania, Planescape: Torment), DeathFire: Ruins of Nethermore is currently in development with an estimated release in December, 2014. 

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Battlefield director says, Linux needs one ‘killer’ game to explode

Hey DICE, #Battlefield for Linux please!!!

“I think, hopefully, competition usually means a better experience for the customer. Sometimes. You know, was the VHS tape better than BetaMax? VHS won,” he continued. “So it does not always go in the right direction but overall I think it is healthy with competition. It is truly welcomed, so that we can have better games in the future.”

The director believes that with its recent rise and success, #indie #game #development is in a better position to cater for the #Linux video game #market despite its limited audience.

“With indie, for a long time, it seemed that it was only #AAA title that will survive and then the explosion came with mobile and indie games,” he said. “So I’m really happy to see that has swung back to where people say ‘Well, will AAA titles survive? Are they mammoths that don’t know that they are dead yet?’

“So, to me, I think that the possibilities are many and I think indies can build for Linux even though we don’t have enormous audience,” he said.

Battlefield director says, Linux needs one 'killer' game to explode

With the impending launch of Battlefield 4, DICE has spoken a lot about how it intends to smooth out the difficult learning curve and high point of entry seen in Battlefield 3, Gustavsson said it hasn’t forgotten about the hardcore gamers, rather the opposite: DICE has to continually rein itself in from going “too hardcore” when developing a Battlefield title.

“To be honest, our problem isn’t to not think about the hardcore, rather, there are so many people like me doing Battlefield since ’99 or at least 2000 that everyday we need to stop ourselves from going too hardcore, we really have to hold ourselves back,” he explained when asked how DICE doesn’t lose sight developing for experienced players when chiselling out the new features. “That is the natural gear that we have: the hardcore side. Then we need to remind ourselves that we need to make it for everyone.”

While they have set out to make Battlefield 4 more accessible for newcomers, DICE also made it better for the veterans, hinting that perhaps some aspects the shooter is even too nuanced for the diehards. For example, Gustavsson mentioned the new battle test range that players of all skill levels can take advantage of.

Everyday we need to stop ourselves from going too hardcore, we really have to hold ourselves back.

“Even though people have been playing Battlefield from the start, they choose not to fly because they don’t feel safe,” he said. “So it is not about losing sight of the hardcore. If you look at hardcore forums, there are so many times that you see ‘I don’t how this weapon works or this gadget’ and then everyone tells each other. It is beautiful. It is just beautiful. But sometimes you feel that a game should be self explaining, it doesn’t have to be more stupid.”

A comparison tool for weapons and attachments has been introduced to help with the above example. “As, even I, who has made the game, had a hard time knowing which attachment did what for what weapon,” Gustavsson said.

To cater for experienced Battlefield fans the game features an overhauled control system, reworked network code to remove latency and upped the number of players, to name a few. Battlefield 4 also introduces the hardcore perma-death mode Diffuse and a Field Upgrade system toencourageplayers to play together, along with the long-time community-demanded Spectator mode.

“Which, to be honest, I have been ashamed to going to shows and admitting once again that we don’t have spectator mode,” he said. “That’s why I’m a bit taller and prouder this time around now that we do have it. With the next-generation of consoles, like sharing and broadcasting features, I’m really looking forward to seeing what the community comes up with.”

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DICE+ is a die for digital boardgames

Bluetooth technology coming to Linux and



A startup has developed a digitally-enhanced version of the traditional game die called DICE+. Designed to work with smartphones and tablets, the DICE+ adds a physical element to digital boardgames. It has a number of features you won’t find in a regular die, such as an anti-cheating algorithm, LED backlights, and Bluetooth connectivity for beaming digits directly to games. The DICE+ will be compatible with iOS, Android, Symbian, Linux, and Windows, although no platforms have been ruled out at this point.

For now, the developer, GIC, is looking for hardware and software partners to help bring the DICE+ to market. According to Engadget, GIC estimates that the DICE+ will cost around $30 if and when it starts shipping.

[vimeo https://www.vimeo.com/40662405 w=480&h=270]

DICE+ guided tour from DICE+ on Vimeo.

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