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Human Fall Flat gets a new multiplayer lobby

human: fall flat will have new multiplayer lobby ubuntu linux mac windows games 2017

Human Fall Flat announces a new multiplayer lobby for Ubuntu Linux, Mac and Windows. No Brakes Games, alongside award-winning publisher Curve Digital announce this news. So the new multiplayer lobby will be added, allowing players to unlock skins. This is in exchange for returning presents. Following the hugely successful launch of Human Fall Flat’s multiplayer mode. Now players will get the holiday experience. All while brought to them through the eyes of Bob and his holiday extravaganza.

Tencent Games Platform called WeGame to be Steam competitor

tencent games platform called wegame to be steam competitor in linux gaming news

For over a decade, #Steam stood at the top as a digital #gaming storefront. Hence recent news, what we once though to the better chocie for buying games. The only other storefront holding up again it is GOG.com. Which continues to be some competition, but not nearly as big as Steam. So there may be a coming change it seems. Valve’s storefront will actually have some competition as the Chinese investment holding company #Tencent (0700 230,20 +2,20 +0,96%). The company announced that it will launch their own digital store, WeGame. Which will be a global platform.

So from the beginning, WeGame only existed in China. However going forward, that will change, according to a twitter post from analyst Daniel Ahmad.

Since China’s PC gaming market is primarily dominated by Tencent. With no mention of Linux in the mix. Yet still becoming the the largest gaming company in the world. Hence the market capital of $270 billion USD ($2.16 trillion HK). So to make things more clear, Tencent owns League of Legends and Riot Games themselves. While also having shares in Supercell, Epic Games and Activision Blizzard. Also dipping into VR, where Valve again has been the major player. With further support coming for Linux.
Since Tencent already have more users, some 200 million according to Ahmad. Steam comes in with a count of more than 125 million. This gives a significant advantage right from the beginning. Plus they are one of the world’s largest and most successful internet companies as well.

So this will create some competition for Valve. Since the company has been moving along with VR. And let’s face it, Steam has been the biggest digital storefront for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. While some Steam users complain about quality reviews. This new change will be interesting to see how many users are willing to try the new platform? Or maybe even use both. But no news on whether Linux will be officially in the mix.

A Tencent Linux client does/did exist:

“On 31 July 2008, Tencent released an official client for Linux, but this has not since been kept in step with the Windows version and it is not capable of voice chat.”

So there is no word about the plan going forward yet. But another digital storefront to look forward too. This will be a wait and see. Even though the Tencent platform shows a counter for the Windows client being downloaded nearly 4.5 billion times. WeGame should be available soon. And when we have more information about Linux, we’ll be sharing that news.

Gods Will Be Watching is set to release July 24 for Linux, Mac and Windows PC

Gods Will Be Watching  release date July 24 on Linux Mac PC

Gods Will Be Watching, the point-and-click #adventure of not happy things, will be available July 24 on PC, Mac, and Linux across many of your favourite digital distribution #platforms (Steam, GOG and Humble).

The game will be #available in a stress and panic versions, which are simply being named “standard” and “collector’s edition.” The standard edition includes… the game. The collector’s edition adds in the official soundtrack with 20 tracks, 50-page digital art book and 40-page comic book.

– Cue Sweaty Palms, Clenched Bum Cheeks –

Valencia, Spain – Deconstructeam and Devolver Digital announce that upcoming indie thriller Gods Will Be Watching will arrive on July 24th for PC, Mac, and Linux via Steam, Humble, and GOG. The breakout debut game from the pensive minds at Deconstructeam is now available for pre-order through both a standard edition (£6.99) and a collector’s edition (£14.99) that includes the original soundtrack, a digital art book, and a digital comic that serves as the prologue to the haunting events of Gods Will Be Watching.

Gods Will Be Watching is a minimalistic “point and click thriller” centered on despair, commitment, and sacrifice as players face intriguing puzzles and tough decisions that will affect their entire crew’s wellbeing. Set against the backdrop of an interstellar struggle, Gods Will Be Watching follows Sgt. Burden and his crew in six tense chapters that examine a multitude of mature themes ranging from hostage situations and wilderness survival to biological weapon prevention and agonizing torture scenarios. Players are faced with incredibly difficult ethical and moral choices as their mental fortitude and personal limits are tested to their very limits. Each decision is crucial and players will need to choose between the lives of their team and the saving the world from genocide.

The Gods Will Be Watching Collector’s Edition includes:

Gods Will Be Watching Official Soundtrack – More than 20 mesmerizing tracks by composer Fingerspit in high-quality MP3 files.

Digital Art Book – 50-pages of concept art, digital paintings, and design illustrations from the production and development of Gods Will Be Watching.

Digital Comic Book – 40-page comic from Dayjob Studio that serves as a prologue to events of Gods Will Be Watching detailing the backstory of Sgt. Burden and Xenolifer.

Gods Will Be Watching is now available for pre-order with a 10% off discount on the standard game and the Collector’s Edition. For more information on Gods Will Be Watching or to try the original prototype, visit godswillbewatching.com.

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The First Steam Machine from Digital Storm will be a $1,469 gaming PC

digital storm steambox 640 gaming PC

Digital Storm has a Steam Machine too. The boutique gaming PC manufacturer has just announced its own take on Valve’s formula for a Linux-based game console, and it just goes to show how diverse these computers will be when they hit the market next year. Instead of trying to compete with the #XboxOne and #PlayStation4 like #iBuyPower’s $499 rig, the new Digital Storm computer will start at a comparatively pricy $1,469.

“Rather than try to compete with console pricing, our system takes aim at the high end of the market and capitalizes on PC gaming’s biggest advantage, raw performance,” the company’s statement reads.

While details are scarce, it will come with liquid cooling for the CPU, an advanced thermal-management system of some sort, and can optionally dual-boot both Windows and SteamOS so gamers can play games for both operating systems. Options include a GeForce GTX Titan graphics card and a 700W power supply. At 4.4 inches wide, 14.1 inches deep, and 16.4 inches tall, it’s a good bit bigger than an Xbox One, but it should hopefully still be able to fit into a home entertainment system lying down. We should get more when Valve announces the full lineup of Steam Machines at CES 2014 next month.

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DICE+ is a die for digital boardgames

Bluetooth technology coming to Linux and



A startup has developed a digitally-enhanced version of the traditional game die called DICE+. Designed to work with smartphones and tablets, the DICE+ adds a physical element to digital boardgames. It has a number of features you won’t find in a regular die, such as an anti-cheating algorithm, LED backlights, and Bluetooth connectivity for beaming digits directly to games. The DICE+ will be compatible with iOS, Android, Symbian, Linux, and Windows, although no platforms have been ruled out at this point.

For now, the developer, GIC, is looking for hardware and software partners to help bring the DICE+ to market. According to Engadget, GIC estimates that the DICE+ will cost around $30 if and when it starts shipping.

[vimeo https://www.vimeo.com/40662405 w=480&h=270]

DICE+ guided tour from DICE+ on Vimeo.

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