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Humble Indie Bundle 20 releases 100% Linux

humble indie bundle 20 releases 100 linux mac windows games

Humble Indie Bundle 20 releases in Linux, Mac and Windows games. This time, the bundle is 100% Linux. With a heap of DRM-free games and also Steam keys. While including some classic and recent-ish games. Available now on Humble.

Humble Great GameMaker games bundle debut

humble great gamemaker games bundle debuts linux mac windows games

Humble Great GameMaker games bundle with some great games for Linux in this debut. As well as Mac and Windows too. But as you can tell from the title. This is all about GameMaker. As well as supporting a Linux game engine.

Gerty sci fi shooter releases on Steam

gerty top sci-fi shooter releases on steam for linux mac windows

Gerty sci-fi shooter releases on Linux, Mac and Windows. So after 4 years of development, thanks to Finnish game studio Spawn Point. Gerty is now on Steam Early Access , Humble Store and on Itch (DRM-free) with a 10% discount.

Gerty twin-stick shooter coming DRM-Free

gerty twin-stick shooter coming drm-free to linux mac windows

Gerty is a top-down rogue-lite twin-stick shooter coming to Linux, Mac and Windows DRM-Free. With a fully destructible environment. Which will be available on Steam and DRM-Free via Humble Store.

Sol705 funded one day before Kickstarter ends

sol705 point n click free demo and kickstarter for linux mac windows

Sol705 is a 2D point n click graphic adventure funded by hitting the Kickstarter goal for Linux, Mac and Windows. Doing so one day ahead of the crowdfunding campaign deadline and 100% funded.

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