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Conglomerate 451 RPG and developer support

conglomerate 451 rpg and developer support for linux and windows games

Conglomerate 451 cyberpunk dungeon crawler RPG games looking at Linux support beside Windows. Since 1C Entertainment and developer RuneHeads unveil their brand new game. Since this is an evolution of the classic games. The first person dungeon crawler genre. Mashed together with a cyberpunk twist. Coming to Early Access.

Dungeon League party game gets full launch

dungeon league party game gets full launch for linux mac windows

Dungeon League a dungeon crawling party game that has a full launch for Linux, Mac and Windows. Since developer, Achebit released the game on Early Access back in July 2015. Spending over three years in development and now available on Steam and Humble Store.

Infinite Adventures developer working on a port

infinite adventures developer working on a linux port

Infinite Adventures developer is working on that Linux port. We reached out to Indie game studio, Stormseeker Games. Who are also eager to announce the dungeon crawling RPG. Also scheduled to release October 30th, 2018 on Steam.

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